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  1. Spooky Friday the 13th coincidence! I'm ahead on my subscription somehow so I didn't bother renewing further into the future just to get the Berlin DVD. But after being sad I had to work right though the ATYCLB viewing party I decided to just renew so I can get the Berlin DVD. Better late than never. Package arrives today. Fantastic! Open it up and start reading the jacket and see that the show was exactly two years ago on this very day! November 13th. So...strange. Here's to hoping we're all packed in together at a crazy, wonderful, sweaty live show on this day next year.
  2. I'm sitting here in the dark listening to this on mixlr in my living room (kinda like that old man in Moonstruck) and Exit just blew my mind. Wow. Was my favorite when I saw them in NJ two years ago. But that was unbelievable. They all sound great. And Mothers of the Disappeared done live really turns into something less mournfull and more rallying. Fighting urge to hop plane to Oz....
  3. Basti - I've got to agree with Max - not worth the risk of being ejected. Now I'd like to take this opportunity to brag that during the Joshua Tree Tour '87 I smuggled a twin-size bed sheet banner into the arena in my pants. That takes real talent. And very baggy pants. : )
  4. Thanks for posting this! They always seem to play my favorite songs in the pre-show. I nearly fainted when Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft came on. But this also reminded me that HMTMKMKM was for Batman, not Spiderman. There goes my amazing coincidence.
  5. So I'm sitting here at home eating dinner, and my husband is playing a Gary Numan album (yes, my husband is that cool) and all of a sudden my spidey-sense is tingling and I've got that "They're headed to the e-stage" feeling. "What is this song?!?!" I ask. Turns out it's a song called Hybrid, from Gary Numan's 2003 album of the same name. I don't think U2 or GF sampled it, so is it's probably just a pretty common beat. But here's the crazy thing - when I go to look up the song, the youtube page has an ad for a Spiderman-esque hoodie, with the name ROSE above it. So strange. https:/
  6. The megaphone shirts for some of the European dates are for sale in the U2 Shop on this site, as a subscriber exclusive. But only Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam. Maybe they'll add more soon?
  7. Great to hear Women of the World on election day here in the states. Take over in progress!!!
  8. Just because I'm bored I'll jump in with this: Mohegan Sun only fits 10,000, but I'm not sure if that includes GA. They had to shorten the catwalk there. Looks like 3 Arena is also kind of oval the wrong way for the stage.
  9. Wow! Hearing the Euro set list makes me wonder why they rehashed four songs from the previous tour for this section here in the states? This sounds amazing! I'm hiding my passport so I can't hop on a flight to London...
  10. In this clip of Lights of Home you can see an awful lot of smoke in the air when he’s at the estage for the “free yourself to be yourself” part.
  11. Someone in a scope said it looked like Bono breathed in a lot of fog from fog machines. Did they have those on the US tour? If that’s the cause at least it seems it would be relatively temporary.
  12. (much laughter) sorry, ran out of reactions. Hi Manohlive! Hope you've been well!
  13. Ooh, there are two people in Berlin doing test runs on Periscope. Wishing everyone there a fantastic time!!! The band must be so excited to be back on stage in Berlin. I had a dream the other night that was literally just me on the floor before a show trying to decide between e-stage and main. I think the US tour rewired my brain (and installed a catwalk with barricage.)
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