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    No Line on the Horizon
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    "Falling At Your Feet"
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    Montreal de Hippodrome, July 9 2011
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    Boston Mass, night 1!! on the floor of the Garden
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    I like them all.....

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  1. And I’m a long long way from your Hill of Calvary, And I’m a long way from where I was and where I need to be, If there is a light you can’t always see, And there is a world we can’t always be, If there is a kiss I stole from your mouth, And there is a light, don’t let it go out

    1. pain_18_


      YEAH !!! I was just thinking of you yesterday after listening to this song...I was wondering where are you and what do you think of the new album ???


    2. mich40


      LOVE that song!


    3. pain_18_
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