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    Model-railroading, Tolkien, Sci-Fi, Movies, photography, camera collecting, Doctor Who
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    No Line on the Horizon
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    "Falling At Your Feet"
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    Montreal de Hippodrome, July 9 2011
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    Foxborough, MA. June 24, 2017
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    Boston Mass, night 1!! on the floor of the Garden
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    I like them all.....

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About Me

I have loved this band since I was an early teenager back in the 80's. I think it was Bullet The Blue Sky that caught my attention, I bought the Joshua Tree and the rest is history.

I was content that I probably would never see Bono and the boys in concert. I had never been to any concert in my youth because I grew up in a pretty strict baptist home. My U2 cassette library had been destroyed a couple of times by my parents who thought they where doing right. So any way, we were very conservative. I still am very conservative, BUT, I've learned that we are all different and thats okay! Peoples hearts aren't all moved by all the same things. God works in very complicated ways that don't fit in one box! That is exactly how I see U2. They don't fit into the same box my parents may have felt was right, but they're music  helped me so much to follow God. They are able to share God's love all over the world

Well, I finally did see them in concert, thanks to my wife Kirsten. She convinced me to go for a birthday present. She bought tickets to the second night they preformed in Montreal (about an hour north of us) I was so excited to see the boys and the claw. It was magical....



What are you thinking about? Is conflict inevitable? What difference does it make? What sort of democracy for what sort of world? Why did you hurt me? How can I have been so stupid? Why does it always take so long? Why do you put up with me? How do I know what's true? What the frak? When will I know if I'm a good father? What are you afraid of? Was it worth it? Where is my mind? Is history bound to repeat itself? Do you still love me? Is there something I should know? Why is it so hard? What have I done to deserve this? Why must I always stand alone? Is anybody home? Can we make it work? Is love really all you need? What's going on? Will you ever be able to trust me again? Why do I have to tell you? Are we still on for Friday? What do you want? What do you want?
Where are you from? Who do you love? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?What do you want? What do you want? How do you love? How do you love?



Through appliance of science
We've got that ring of confidence


Zooropa...vorsprung durch technik (a step ahead through technology)















'Dinner with Julia Roberts.'

Montreal. Show 2. 09 July 2011   From "Willies Diaries"

We had another great show tonight, after which for once I didn’t do the ‘runner’. Having seen its arrival, Dylan, the writer we have with us, was keen to see how the 360 army removes all the equipment from a stadium. Once the crowd had thinned a little, we found a couple of convenient seats up in one of the temporary bleachers and watch the show-after-the-show. The spacious nature of this particular venue allowed the load-out to progress at an even faster pace than usual, if such a thing be possible, and an awe-inspiring experience it is too. The giant ant colony of U2360 crew, plus an army of local stage hands in departmentally colour-coded t-shirts, swarm over the structure. Things disappear so quickly that even at regular speed it almost looks like time-lapse photography. The band gear gets pulled off the stage as the outer runway is breached. With the stage clear, the back steps vanish, the sides come off and the whole of ‘underworld’ spews out onto the field. Simultaneously, lights, video and speakers descend, cranes appear, bridges are lifted into the air to be dismantled at the far end of the field, speakers are rolled, cables are pulled and all the while the radio channels are alive with a cacophony of human endeavour. I’m sure we could sell tickets to witness this.

By about 2am much of the structure looked like it had been picked clean so we decided to call it a night.  Riding back in the van (that had thoughtfully waited for us) I discovered an email from Bono asking if we’d join him and some other 360ers for a late supper, so we diverted to a restaurant in the old part of town. (A restaurant where, apparently, it’s quite normal to roll up for dinner at 3am.) Much to my surprise I ended up having dinner with Julia Roberts. Well, I say “with” Julia Roberts, and that’s the story I shall tell as she was part of our extensive group, but in truth we didn’t chat a great deal. Or sit at the same table. Or actually meet. Or even make eye contact, but I’m saying it was close enough to report that it happened and that's the story I shall take to my grave. Yep, an intimate dinner with Julia Roberts, that was it.


med_gallery_537977_101_303229.jpgtn_gallery_537977_101_4046.jpg    Que veux-tu faire plus tard? ( What would you like to become someday ?)


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