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    My daughter and I are going to Pittsburgh tomorrow to see U2 for the first time ever. We are so excited. When Love Comes to Town, it will be Magnificent. I hope that I'll Go Crazy Tonight. So Get On Your Boots  and it will be a Beautiful Day.  Will be at a higher Elevation, sitting back in section 224.  Hope that I don't get Vertigo.  Can't wait to see the band perform live. Peace and Love to You All.

    your daughter will start moving in mysterious ways when u2 let her in the sound. I just hope she will remember to breathe

    or it will all get outta control and she will think "Im gonna go crazy if i dont go crazy tonight"... However, the fans get to carry eachother, carry eachother, so i think she will be convinced to Stay where the streets have no name!

  2. When I'm lost and dont know what to do, Yaweh helps me to remember to pray the follwing:


    Take this soul

    Stranded in some skin and bones

    Take this soul

    And make it sing


    Take these hands

    Teach them what to carry


    Take these hands

    Don't make a fist


    Take this mouth

    So quick to criticise

    Take this mouth

    Give it a kiss


    This love is like a drop in the ocean

    This love is like a drop in the ocean


    (infinite and boundless)

  3. Peter - I'm awestruck... how did you create that poll?


    I have so much to learn...

    at the top of this thread, and to the right, there are some grey boxes.


    One says "Forum Jump" the one to the right of that one says, "New Poll"



    Guessing that you can click on the New Poll option, and create a pollsmile.gif

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