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  1. I think this is how it will work. I don't think, however, we then just plow through the album. I say they stick to the tried and true formula of fast-paced songs until around song five, and then maybe continue on with JT. It would be so cool if SBS and NYD were in the first three.
  2. As we prepare for the Joshua Tree 2017 Tour, u2 is doing the same, and if you've been reading the Rolling Stone articles, one thing is clear, the running order of the songs (aka setlist) is still a work in progress. But this is not a "setlist post" per se. Instead, my question is whether u2 will or should open with Streets? To be honest, I struggle with this more than one should. But, hey, a fella has to do something between moments of protesting against obergruppenführer trumpf. It would seem the smartest approach would be to tuck streets away until later in the concert, say somewhere between songs 8-12, and then start the JT portion of the concert in earnest. To some this suggestion will seem bizarre, since, after all, the name of the tour is The Joshua Tree Tour. But for support, I cite the Springsteen River Tour. For the first part of the tour, he began each concert with the River and played it on through in original album order, and, once done, added a few random tunes from the songbook. He got bored with this, and subsequently buried the River in the middle of the concert. The River is much longer than JT, and thus presents a more difficult call setlist wise, if one is intent on incorporating additional non-album songs to the show. Still, the challenge is there for u2 and the coming tour, and the challenge looks something like this. Streets has become a concert crescendo for u2 and their fans. Concerts can start like a rocket with Elevation, Vertigo, Even Better than the Real Thing, or Joey Ramone. But the momentum eventually slows and then starts building again, until we hear the segue song from the latest tour, thereby signaling what is about to come. As the segue becomes streets, the concert hall becomes church and the Divine transcends. The concert could end here for all we care, and yet we know it doesn't. There is more to come, and we are all the more than thankful. Opening with Streets changes all this. But as much as I think about it, I can't come up with a better opener. I don't believe they will sing more than a song or two from Auchtung. Ditto for ATYCLB and Atomic Bomb. One might be tempted to open with Joey Ramone like they did for the last tour, but I don't see that happening either. They can do that, if they want, after they resume the I&E tour following the next album's release. For similar reasons, they won't dip deep into the Auchtung Baby songbook in case they want to do that in 2021 (plus they already did that in the last leg of 360). This returns me to what else do they open with? This is a JT tour, not a greatest hits tour. So starting with a hit from after 1989 just doesn't make sense. I can come up with songs 2-5 relatively easy. Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, I Will Follow, and, well, you pick the fifth hit from the 80s. But I can't come up with a better song than Streets to open the show. I just can't. I've read all of your posts about starting with Zoo Station and such, and as much fun as it would be to mix these two tours, I don't see it. Nor can I come up with a great song from R&H to kick off the concert. So I've resigned myself to streets.
  3. I took my 10 year old son to see them in chicago in 2015. His first question after the concert was "can we go see them again?" Like father, like son
  4. just added fourth show GA for Rose Bowl, Soldier's Field, Tampa, Brown's stadium
  5. I agree on All I Want is You. That and NYD will be staples.
  6. This is how I see it playing out too. But for early 80s songs, I don't know that they will play the SOI grouplet. NYD will be a must. Wait. What if they open with I will follow Bloody Sunday NYD That's it. The might do something crazy like that because they love getting the crowd going
  7. A slice of heaven Beautiful this is now how I will describe every u2 concert I go to and then some runs I go on while listening to u2 thank you
  8. Whoa!!! My favorite one yet. Heavy inclusion of R&H!!!!
  9. no offense, but, yes, i want the whole album four times at all four concerts!
  10. I like the thinking, and ultimately you are right. They will unlikely stick to 80s songs. So here's my question. Will any one show include only songs from 1980 through 1989 (minus a SOE throw-in)? I say yes. They will try it at least once
  11. It could happen. It something U2 will have to think heavily on how they don't want to exactly piss off some fans and Bono might have to ask, "Am I buggin ya??" "Don't mean to bug yah" Since they are some fans who aren't exactly behind U2 and their politics. lol Even so...like someone said. Window's In The Skies, Walk To The Water, Spanish Eyes, Heartland, Luminous Times.(Hold On To Love)....B-sides. No chance at mawhatevr......if that happnes I'm done, guy richie fired and Bono and co are tested for methanphethmines won't happen . . . until 2021 and the AB anniversary tour
  12. Are you going to play the album in sequence at the shows? I believe we will, and I say "believe we will" because that is certainly the working assumption right now. The show might not necessarily start with Track One, Side One, "Where the Streets Have No Name," because we feel like maybe we need to build up to that moment, so we're still in the middle of figuring out exactly how the running order will go, so yes. We will be playing the album in sequence. ----------------------------- I agree that the concert will begin with non JT material. Around songs 8-10, they'll play Streets and then go in sequence. The rubber meets the road, of course, with the rest of the show. Because this is buried so deep in a long thread, there is no chance what I'm about to say will filter up. But, guys, this is your last chance to play material exclusively from the 80s. New Year's Day should be played every stop. Think about including more R&H, Hawkmoon and Silver and Gold, for instance. Why? Because you started fleshing out this album during the JT Tour. And let's not forget JT Tour staples like People Get Ready. I realize you must keep the non-uber fans happy. But give it consideration. Play only music from 1980-1989. You've got the SOE tour coming up where you can play everything else, and then the tour we've all been waiting for: the AB anniversary tour!!!
  13. rose bowl, soldier field, browns stadium
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