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    Tough one. I really like NLOTH. Pop is sooo underrated. Then you have Achtung. Oh yeah, I forgot about R&H, the initial reason I even started listening...
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    Any number of them, but at the moment been groovin' on Bullet the Blue
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    How can you choose one?
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    Lots and lots, but been diggin' coldplay as of late

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  1. You're not allowed to go underground. You are a mainstay here. We need you. : ) (what was it that Woody told all the other toys in Toy Story?)
  2. Yeah, I hear some of their earlier stuff in it, too. Holy Joe is one of my all time faves.
  3. I was listening to the gang revisit the album No Line on the Horizon. One thing I've learned about music is that even when two people like the same band, often times they don't like the same stuff. The Beatles are one example. My friend is a huge Beatles fan, but tends to only like the "old stuff," defined as the 50s-sounding stuff. I like both halves of their music, where Rubber Soul and Revolver are the dividing line. U2 fans are no different. I will be going to a few shows this summer with a self-described "big fan." The only problem is he doesn't like Zooropa or Pop, and isn't real
  4. I think this is how it will work. I don't think, however, we then just plow through the album. I say they stick to the tried and true formula of fast-paced songs until around song five, and then maybe continue on with JT. It would be so cool if SBS and NYD were in the first three.
  5. As we prepare for the Joshua Tree 2017 Tour, u2 is doing the same, and if you've been reading the Rolling Stone articles, one thing is clear, the running order of the songs (aka setlist) is still a work in progress. But this is not a "setlist post" per se. Instead, my question is whether u2 will or should open with Streets? To be honest, I struggle with this more than one should. But, hey, a fella has to do something between moments of protesting against obergruppenf├╝hrer trumpf. It would seem the smartest approach would be to tuck streets away until later in the concert, say somewhere betwee
  6. I took my 10 year old son to see them in chicago in 2015. His first question after the concert was "can we go see them again?" Like father, like son
  7. just added fourth show GA for Rose Bowl, Soldier's Field, Tampa, Brown's stadium
  8. I agree on All I Want is You. That and NYD will be staples.
  9. This is how I see it playing out too. But for early 80s songs, I don't know that they will play the SOI grouplet. NYD will be a must. Wait. What if they open with I will follow Bloody Sunday NYD That's it. The might do something crazy like that because they love getting the crowd going
  10. A slice of heaven Beautiful this is now how I will describe every u2 concert I go to and then some runs I go on while listening to u2 thank you
  11. Whoa!!! My favorite one yet. Heavy inclusion of R&H!!!!
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