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  1. Ditto what others have said, contacting your bank and giving them as much information (date of intended purchase, country, site, approximate spending amount, etc.) really helped me because I've had the issue in the past where I lost GA tickets because my bank flagged the purchase. I have definitely seen Red Zone/GA swap requests for past tours, so just keep an eye out on social media platforms as the tour date creeps up.
  2. I entered +1, then my phone number and it let me purchase on ticketek
  3. I called my actual bank to let them know I planned on making an international purchase with my card so they could leave a note on my account not to flag the purchase. They were able to do it and cleared me for a purchase in Australia during the month of June. I didn't go through Visa.
  4. Are tickets going to be available through ticketmaster? I'm not seeing the Sydney show listed on ticketmaster AU but am seeing other shows.
  5. I have a master's degree in Nonprofit Management and am trying to start up my own organization to help tackle the rising crisis of student debt. With that being said, I regularly access websites such as GuideStar and charity navigator (very useful for those wishing to get involved with organizations but don't know their credibility) among others. I just wanted to drop this infographic here to show how much of a difference advocacy and donating to causes can make - and has made in 2018 alone. This is just for the U.S.
  6. so this is the first year since the 360 tour where my subscription is due to expire, as I've always had it paid up for at least two years in advance 🤣 is there a deadline we need to renew by, or is the subscriber gift good up until the day the paid subscription expires?
  7. Last night I had a dream Adam was hiding in a bush by my front door and wouldn't come out, trying to pretend like I didn't know he was there.
  8. I got nothing. The app and website both took almost a minute to get me in to the ticket page, and of course by then what little that was available was gone. Tried for half an hour after that to get one GA ticket. Still searching for one.
  9. I’ve been scouring the web and researching information on how to try and catch a glimpse (and maybe a picture and/or autograph) of the band when they come in for sound check before the concert starts. I’ve got tickets to the show in San Jose at the SAP Center this coming May (2018). I would love any tips or advice of what to do and where to go to try and catch them entering the arena for sound check. I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and this would seriously be a dream come true to meet them! Thanks in advance for any help! 

  10. well general sale is going to be an absolute nightmare
  11. I would have been okay with a lottery if they were up front about it, and treated the lottery like they're treating the general sale - you sign up for the shows you want and may/may not get a code for any or all of them. I'm not okay with muddling words around and treating it like everyone who jumped through the (expensive for some people) hoops would get a crack at presale.
  12. Scenario: I want to get 2 tickets in the presale, for two separate shows (Chicago & NY), and then I wanted to get one in the general sale for Nashville, assuming I get a code for it. I have accumulated 3 tickets across 3 shows. Now my husband and I are traveling later in the summer to Britain to visit family, and if they happen to be playing while we are there, I would maybe want to get 2 tickets to London or wherever they choose to play if we can work it out. This would technically be 5 tickets between the presale (2) and general sales (3). Is this exceeding the total ticket limit or am I
  13. Similar to moneypenny's post, does anyone know how many total tickets we are allowed for this tour (presales + general sale combined)?
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