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  1. Hi Michelle! So, we don't go to the tour page here at U2.com and click on the event and enter a waiting room already logged into our account here to purchase tickets. Correct? Instead, we go to TM and enter our U2.com member presale code for whichever venue we're purchasing tickets. If we are purchasing multiple venues, would we need to re-enter our code for each venue? I think the answer is yes?
  2. I don't know where you live, but Boston has affordable seats still left.
  3. Yep, I heard this too. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11331887
  4. Precisely! Have you ever seen them in concert? I was thinking of going when they come here soon.
  5. Trying to be patient, but you (U2) must realize your loyal fans need to hear OFFICIAL word from the band/Guy Oseary/LiveNation - SOMEONE who speaks for the band! The band has been out and about quite a bit lately and it was quite fun to see this. NOW there is silence in the wake of very provocative news via the Billboard article? This is completely unacceptable. PLEASE RESPOND!!!
  6. Bono has said it was about Nelson and Winnie and how their love did change over the time of Mandibe's imprisonment. As the public educates themselves,the emphasis is what it is now. We also have to remember this is what Bono does. He is now singing wants and not warms.
  7. Both Jared and Harrison Ford! Matthew and Camilla vacationed w/ Bono last summer and you could see his approval too, more like my friend definitely brought it tonight. Jared is a huge Bono fan and his band does a great cover of Streets. He asked Bono to do vocals on their recent album and City of Angels is very U2ish (Lillywhite even though Jared says he was main producer) and autobiographical. Jared and Matthew's acceptance speeches, Lupita's too, were the highlight of those for the evening! Love it!
  8. The photobomber is Benedict Cumberbatch currently best known as The BBC's Sherlock Holmes which is just terrific! Idina Menzel is an experienced and accomplished broadway star and her performance was cringeworthy. I think her voice is annoying even on the soundtrack. Let It Go is a HUGE hit with nearly everyone from their mid 20's down. Good message, but Ordinary Love was the most moving and interesting.
  9. But, there is this, so there's hope some show will take place somewhere!! EDIT
  10. On the right of each pic, you'll find a "3 bullet icon". Click it. And you'll see a sub-menu with "Download /All sizes". Choose the size you prefer, and download will start in a few... Thank you! You should be pro! There's a fellow on another U2 fan forum I frequent and he takes pics for the local papers and thus gets free concert tickets. Maybe you could do that too.
  11. Gorgeous!!! I can't copy them, but I'd like to!
  12. Thinking that U2 is going to surprise us royally. Too much US presence not to do something here sooner rather than later! Hopes are up!

    1. pain_18_


      They might play something interesting on Jimmy Fallon !

    2. follow


      That sounds like wishful thinking to me.U2 has never been in a hurry except for their very early days. I guess we can only hope!

    3. mich40


      I totally agree with you. I've been saying that for weeks...that they are going to surprise us.


  13. This is a rehash of The Hollywood Reporter interview. Nothing new.
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