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  1. Hi Michelle! So, we don't go to the tour page here at U2.com and click on the event and enter a waiting room already logged into our account here to purchase tickets. Correct? Instead, we go to TM and enter our U2.com member presale code for whichever venue we're purchasing tickets. If we are purchasing multiple venues, would we need to re-enter our code for each venue? I think the answer is yes?
  2. I don't know where you live, but Boston has affordable seats still left.
  3. You put that so lovely and of course it's quite true! We aren't all numbering here, but maybe I'm 10? Here's my official vote - mdmomof7 WANTS to hear GLORIA!!
  4. Bummer! But, I love your take on it. This is everywhere! Ha ha!! And, you helped the sales of the album too! All in all, well played!
  5. Overcome! Thank you for sharing such a moving, exciting, magical night! Just beautiful in all ways!!
  6. Wow! Uh oh! Look at Mike's battery! 4%!! Great pics! Larry is in a photo!!!!
  7. Good man, good man! Get your rest! You have ANOTHER BIG DAY today!!
  8. You can listen to the show on the BBC Radio 2 website now.
  9. Mike that is just so moving, and wonderful, and exciting! So happy for you! Love your last line! Indeed we do!!! So terrific!!
  10. Love this audience! They were up on their feet - as they should be! THEY certainly know how to appreciate the guys and know how to let them know it! No wonder the band chose to go here first. Some fans are reading into this appearance that a rift or disinterest from the absent half of the band exists because Larry and Adam weren't there, especially since they were all just/still rehearsing in France. Does anyone here agree w/ that? To me Disc 2 of the CD Deluxe highlights the two new songs and the acoustic versions. Thus, they wanted to show off the acoustic versions and encourage sales of the Deluxe version. Edge and Bono were quite youthful, joking around on the walkout and throughout the interview. The Miracle was astounding, vocals and delivery near perfect. EBW was so emotional and powerful stripped down. Wow! I hope we get the full band in their French performance later this week. We certainly will see them all on Jools Friday. Well, Europe will. We will have to wait 2 weeks to see them here in the states. So excited to see and hear the band doing so great and back out there again! I do want Bono to stop smoking and drinking so much so his vocals stay strong. The terrific "It's the job of art to be divisive" Guardian Observer article from Saturday mentioned how he was already hungover and how much he drank during the interview - and had a cigarette too! Sigh... Yes, you are a rock star, Bono, but please take care!!
  11. I finally saw the film Fading West last night. It was terrific! My girls read to me that the description said Fading West was inspired by Rattle & Hum. The spirit of Switchfoot is the closest thing to U2's for me. My youngest loaded Fading West to her Spotify account already, but the track Fading West isn't on the album. Apparently, it's only available as a separate "B-Side" which I find really odd. Great film and album!
  12. Mich, did you see both of them or ATE? I know ATE is coming here soon. How was it? Guess what? I thought of you immediately when I saw this. http://www.amazon.com/Art-McCartney-Amazon-Deluxe-Exclusive/dp/B00NF4POZO/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1412305312&sr=1-1&keywords=the+art+of+mccartney Check out Disc 2, Track 13!!
  13. I don't know if it is or isn't, but Major Minus is my favorite on that album.
  14. no, unfortunately, as I was reminded, codes have never been able to be used on audio from U2.com store, it was my error thinking they could be... however, on the up side, we should see some new merch / bundles pretty soon I would guess.... hopefully before physical release day, though don't quote me on that... Too late! I'm quoting you AND counting on it! I had hoped to use my 25% off code for the vinyl too. I hope my favorite record store has it at a discount. They are usually very reasonable, better than Amazon usually. www.cdjoint.com
  15. Yep, I heard this too. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11331887
  16. Switchfoot London Grammar Phantogram Royal Blood - just discovered them from a recommendation from a fellow U2 fan Airborne Toxic Event Thirty Seconds to Mars Foster the People Coldplay New Politics - but I absolutely abhor their new single! Ugh! So sad. I'm still going to see them Oct. 14th for the third time since I first saw them live last December. Just hoping their entire new album isn't anything like that first single! Muse The Killers But since SOI dropped, I don't think I've listened to even ONE of these more than once! Oh, and last month I saw Echo & The Bunnymen for the very first time and really liked them. Their new album Meteorites has some fairly good tunes on it. Shhh...don't tell Bono. Well, he won't care. And Ian seems to have mellowed according to my long time fan friend who has seen them many times over the years.
  17. I do ebay as does my hubby and quite often. He buys computer and auto parts and sports equipment for our travel athletes. We've never been burned in the last 10 years or so. For the Time U2 edition, I bought from a UK magazine store on ebay and at my request they half priced my shipping because I bought the remaining 4 copies they had. They emailed me this morning to tell me they have restocked this issue. Let me know if you want the info! Of course, I don't have the magazines in hand yet as this was just yesterday. However, their ebay store had 99.9% positive reviews. I'm confident.
  18. @U2 mostly. I have been reading a bit on interference since the album dropped as well. Don't know why this forum doesn't have more action, though.
  19. If people don't "get" this with the old style typewriter font and the space between the n and g in songs - son gs of innocence, well then what can we do? Buy them a beginners book on art?
  20. My local BN didn't even have the US version w/ the football player on it as of last weekend. I finally bought it yesterday. I also bought the international edition w/ U2 ON THE COVER!!! off ebay for more than I'd have liked, but not much more than if I bought the International one from the newsstand UK website.
  21. I think the vinyl price is quite high. I'd not expect it to be above $30. Hmmmmm
  22. Yes, East Coast. I have the US version of TIME and just ordered the International version off ebay. As has been mentioned, the inside content of the US version is the same as the international version. I purchased the international copies from a highly rated magazine re-seller from the UK which had the best prices on ebay. I bought 4 copies - 2 for me and 2 for a friend. They originally had 5, but now they are all sold. Next up to purcahse looks like it will be Rolling Stone if the pics from Dublin two days ago are indeed for that magazine. Hope it's another cover for the band! Enjoy!
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