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  1. Dear U2, You make the Music of my soul and I thank you for that. This time I was going to share the concert experience with my 11-year old son in Copenhagen where we live. It was going to be his first rock concert. So truly an innocence-experience tour ? I preordered “Songs of Experience” and received a personal code for the pre sale. It turns out there was almost no tickets in that pre sale, so hardly anyone was able to get a ticket. Many of us spent most of the day online trying to get through - but no luck. Gaffa who made the pre sale deal in Denmark are very unhappy with the situation and has complained to Universal Music. I too would like to express my disappointment. It is sad that it has to be so difficult to get a ticket for a concert. I can understand why the scalpers has glorified days. I miss the days where you could sit on line outside a store and buy a real ticket half an hour before the online sale started. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to experience the Experience+Innocence Tour with my son some how (I haven’t missed a tour since 1992) but I still wish it wouldn’t be so difficult (and expensive) to do so. Thank you for giving me great music. ♥️ Love Charlotte Maria, Copenhagen
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