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  1. So this is where I stand, thinking about this from a broader spectrum. Yes I understand we dont pay for just a U2 gift.. However that is not for anyone but the purchaser to say why they purchased it. There are folks in here saying why we purchase our subscriptions like they control how we do it, frankly you have no business as to what reason i pay for my subscription. I purchased because of ticket presales etc during EI tour. However this year theres likely no tour. I am purchasing solely for the release of this gift and now I may not due to it being a DVD. I am a sucker for quality. Cold plays dvd is just awful. I understand DVD can be played across multiple devices but how can a company thats meant to satisfy fans go so downhill on a subscription gift when Blu-ray atleast will stand the test of time a bit longer 4k would be ideal but to appease the middle of the road Blu-ray is the medium. The show is Experience not amateur, U2 are always re inventing quality with their screens and tours. A DVD is frankly is in poor taste for a fan release not only because its an old near dead medium but today because in another 10 years dvd will be even closer to nothing. I have seen 1000's of complaints. not just a few 1000's of people are upset across social media regarding the DVD and I wonder how many more subscriptions they would have got if they released a blu-ray instead. If you want more subscriptions provide a better medium id like to see a poll of how many people are actually buying a subscription for the site content.
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