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  1. Just got off the help line ... again.... (wait... im laughing as im typing "help"). this whole farce has been nothing but bollocks!!! definitely letting my membership run out this year... whats the point anymore? when we are no longer guaranteed access to pre-sale? U2 and U2 fan club you are freakin kidding yourselves here.. just beyond disappointed and I feel shafted by people I have been extremely loyal to over the years. BOO!
  2. didn't get one! been a fan member for a decade and seen every tour since 1997 to say im upset is an understatement...
  3. I called in and spoke to them - its a lottery! its no longer dependent on how long you have been a member or anything - just pure luck ... Ive been a solid member for a decade and got verified the day they announced it...
  4. Just found out I wasn't "selected" for the pre-sale lottery! I am in shock!! I have seen U2 live every tour since 1997 and been a member here for a decade. they are trying to get the tickets to "real" fans?? bollocks!!! Im a real fan! A really loyal fan who has spent thousands over the years supporting them and my access to pre-sale has now been taken away from me. For the first time in 20 years Im not going to see a U2 tour ... I have no words Dear U2 - great way of treating your die-heart fans Nina
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