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  1. I am sorry to hear that, we all can share it on social networks
  2. Someone please explain, it will be the official cover for the CD??
  3. I´m glad that a true U2 fan won Congrats I got excited too because one of the pictures where taken in my city, in fact the "Di MArtino" grafitti looks a lot like one that is close to my house XD, Of course it doesn´t make me proud that a Chavez Supporter exgovernor publicity appears in that cover :/ XD CRAZY XD
  4. What I don´t like about interviews is that I cant understand them so well ¬¬, I can write and translate, but understanding english is another thing LOL
  5. I would like to be their party planner (I am very good at that )
  6. Cafe Mocha Choco-LATTE ............... REal Lady Mermalade XD (reminded me of that song ) XD
  7. [quote name='illumination70 wrote: jenmusic']I would like to subscribe but I dont own a creditcard XD, thats why Im a free member I totally agree because I've been "tightening my belt" where money is concerned which explains why I'm a free member too!! me either ¬¬ dollars are difficult to get for Venezuelans
  8. Please don´t stop!!! go ahead I always have had weight issues I understand what you are going through.You should go to an endocrinologist because most of the time weight problems are caused by phisiological disfunctions like hypothyroidism
  9. It bothers me a lot that this community has this separation between paid and not paid members ¬¬ I think people punishes this web page because of that.
  10. Hi I used to write a lot in the old zoo, not so much now, I´m more an interference girl but I´m saying hi to everyone
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