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  1. Yea I also feel pretty blessed that I am alive at the time that the greatest band in the world is still making music!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. COOL guitar pick collection, great pics too, thanks so much for sharing your collection!!!
  3. I love How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb! It is among my top 3 U2 albums. My favorite songs off that album are Vertigo, Miracle Drug and Crumbs From Your Table. Its Great!!!
  4. Ultraviolet and Beautiful Day.
  5. I love that song, it would have been one of the best ones on NLOTH had it been put on there.
  6. Sorry for the loss of your mother Adam.
  7. I'm 22 and have been a fan of U2 for 3 years now. I've attended 2 of the 360 tour concerts and they were unlike any concerts I've ever been to. U2 is the best band of all time and no other band that I've heard quite measures up to U2. U2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love POP and I certainly hope to see a deluxe/remastered version of it in the future!!! I also want to see a more awesome, economically priced package than the Achtung Baby remaster package that is due to come out soon.
  9. I would definitely pick The Edge to eat with me. We would go to a local brewery/restaurant since people say things they wouldn't normally say when they have had a bit to drink. I would ask him where he buys his t-shirts and about his different guitar techniques. I would tell him that he is my favorite guitarist and that white cowboy outfit that he wore in the Popmart tour was my favorite look on him and that it was an awesome idea to walk out of a lemon!!!
  10. Great letter, I agree with you on several points. The price gouging is completely unnecessary and might keep me from buying any sort of remaster of Achtung Baby, though it is a great great album. Thanks for sharing.
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