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  1. It’s the sounds (and voice) of an MRI
  2. yes, particularly at the "e" stage.
  3. the screen The screen runs down the length of the floor, if your look straight on to the main stage you will not be able to see the screen/cage (which if like IE will be integral to the show) and when the screen is down you won't be able to see much of main stage.
  4. interesting- Although that doesn't show the RZ and TM is showing IE stage for me?
  5. yep- Ticketmaster thinks your a bot- you're likely on 24 "hold". Seems to be If you refresh too much or have two many devices with your code pinging TM it triggers the lock.
  6. I believe he meant your DM to TM- what exactly did you say for them to respond back positively and give you a code?
  7. so you can see the screen, if like IE the screen will play a big part in the show.
  8. PM the mods (see Subscription 2018 FAQ), they can and are getting members their codes. It is taking some time, but they are addressing it and getting it taken care of, but they can not address it for you if they don't have your information.
  9. glad it is just that! Hopefully, you get email tonight (around 10-11pm EST) and text(s) tomorrow. If any issues PM the mods they are the real super heroes during this time. Good Luck!
  10. Yep- Also re-reading your post. Are you in the experience group or innocence? Rereading makes me think innocence, if so- your sale is tomorrow. Innocence group will get email tonight and text tomorrow. Although same holds true tomorrow- if any issues PM the mods
  11. PM the mods (see Subscription 2018 FAQ thread), they are working to get codes for everyone. It does take time, but they need your information to make it happen.
  12. contact the mods via PM. They can, and are, getting people their codes to use. It is taking time but they are getting it fixed.
  13. agree, but that's then venue- service fees for CHI were only $7 something for GA (I was pleasantly surprised)
  14. for IE we took a cab in and then they had buses lined up after, took a bus back to the city about a block from hotel. I am blanking on were we stayed (next to Northwestern Med Center). It was pretty easy-peasy.
  15. If your Experience group- PM the mods (see Subscription 2018 FAQ for pinned post on what they need). If your innocence group you'll get email tonight (tomorrow early morning) and text in the morning.
  16. PM the mods (see 2018 Subscription FAQ thread) - they are sorting it out and people that this happened to are now starting to get their codes.
  17. See FAQ thread- (the 2018 Subscription FAQ) PM the mods the information they need (pinned in the FAQ thread) and they will help get it sorted out. People are getting their codes now.
  18. common - they aren't seats, but are numbered that way to help keep track of number in GA for fire marshall etc.
  19. my guess (only a guess) is based on that location you may not have a view of the screen. You'll have a great view of the e-stage and main stage when the cage/screen is up and may be able to see the inside of the cage (cool!) but, may not be able to see the screen.
  20. Innocence group gets there email tomorrow (late tonight)
  21. This. And they are also verifying accounts behind the scenes- to look at suspicious accounts. Presale has never guaranteed that you will get tickets depending on when you get in, how popular a particular venue is and what tickets you are set to get.
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