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  1. Hopefully we can get an EP before that.
  2. Anything that comes out of Bono's mouth about the next album...
  3. Looks like another six week setback for the next Album.
  4. Yesterday, U2.com Tweeted that U22 had been released. So it probably shipped yesterday or today.
  5. I couldn't watch it all... Too painful. And I completely thought the last person to start singing was Katy Perrry. Not that Katy Perry would have helped the situation.
  6. Listening to Baby "Until the End of the World" as I'm reading this, it is really great, so different than Achtung Baby
  7. U2 is the best live act. The 3 best live performances in particular order: Mothers of the Disappeared- Santiago Chile Feb. 10th 1998 (Popmart) Moment of Surrender- U2 360 any concert "40"- Live from the Point Depot, Dublin Dec 31st 1989
  8. Achtung Baby! Mainly because of ZooTV
  9. Well, to my knowledge Soon isn't played live like the others on this list, it's an opening song that is played before the band gets on stage. David Bowie's Space Oddity was played before the band came on stage on some shows. So, Soon shouldn't be on this list, just because it isn't played live.
  10. Bullet the Blue Sky. it's just a perfect song for that bass line.
  11. 1. City of Blinding Lights 2. Until the End of the World 3. 40 4. Bullet the Blue Sky 5. Out of Control 6. Elevation 7. Discotheque 8. Angel of Harlem 9. The Unforgettable Fire 10. Where the Streets Have No Name 11. Moment of Surrender
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