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    working in 18 albums at the same time..
    no one seems to hire my music for a ride =(
    I don't care I have to go on.
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    achtung baby, pop, joshua tree
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    The Fly
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    pop mart mexico
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    zoo tv
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    Adam Clayton
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    The Smiths, Eno, Television, Stone Roses, DM, INXS, etc

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  1. GeorgeZambra


    this is going to be the worst u2 tour ever... ¡ after that terrible album SOI .. the worst album u2 have made.. they keep going down... and down..
  2. pretty boring in fact, u2 is stuck in a very boaring place and they don't get it,,
  3. and it bothers me because these 4 Guys Have too Much Talent, and they are just waisting time... and they are making a tour ¡¡¡¡ everytime they realese a Record¡¡¡¡¡¡ the Beatles StOpped Tourung and MADE Their Greatets ALBUMS¡¡¡¡¡ EXperimenting ,, any way.. IT is About THE SONGS ¡¡¡ not the TOURS,, if you take out "Zoo Tv" tour,, and leave "achtung baby" album alone .. there's no problem ¡¡¡ THE ALBUM Stills a MASTER PIECE ... they SHOULD FOCUS on THe Songs .. and PUSH THE MUSIC Foward,,, I mean Everybody in the world knows U2 now... ¡¡¡ 20 years ago not everyone knew u2,, That,,, THAT,,, it is a Great Position ¡¡¡¡ not everyone in the world have that Kind of "Power" compare that to Coldplay.. they jaja, The only Good album from coldplay is Produce By the Only One: MR; BRian Eno. before they were crap and after that album. they didn't learned anything from Eno, they are just PUPPETS. Coldplay doesn't have a "THE EDGE" a "LARRY MULLEN JR" a "ADAM CLAYTON" ¡¡¡¡¡¡ come on ¡¡ they should not feel that cp is stoling u2 fans and if it is "Don't worry u2" they CP is just the 1% of WHAT U2 is. so...???? I am not going to wait again 5 years more for U2 to make a great album at least Experiment.. to many mistakes... These guys are LOST. Only a Miracle could Bring them back.
  4. I know why lanois says that about u2, it is because they are over some how they use to risk everything everytime, not anymore they are just playing save, u2 is playing to save,, no risks, I love abba too, I have no problem with that, but u2 used to CRash them All with songs like: Gone, Mofo, Please, Even Better, Slug, Zooropa, etc etc.. Acoustic Version are so Boaring ¡¡ and when the songs are as Bad as The Songs from "Songs of Innocence" EVEN WORST ¡¡¡,. music technology is going to Fast, and they just stay with the same old TRICKS, "sound" no EVOLUTION at ALL in U2 in the last 15 YEARS ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ AMAZING... that happens when Everybody Says to you that You are a genius, This "NEW U2" is Boaring as Hell no matter how many time Bono and The edge tries to explain the opposite, If I could Produce 2 U2 songs I will MAKE them Back, to where they left after "POP MART" Too many Mistakes U2, too many, Something is Wrong with this Guys,
  5. o yes solutions ¡ solution #1: cancel the new tour and get back to the studio to work on the next album.. fix #2: called brian and lanois and flood and don't speak to danger mouse for the rest of your lifes ¡¡¡ terrible producer. solution # 3: forget about "fans" & "charts" old u2 sound etc etc... build a new album from "CERO" in a new place forget about the joshua tree and acthung baby etc etc... focus on the MUSIC... fu...k the world focus on the MUSIC. fix #3: dont' think about a "Tour" when you are making the new album.. solution # 4: RETIRED soon,
  6. jajaja.. of course,, eno/lanois back fir shure ALWAYS.. without them u2 is CRAP. and of course I am a Troll with some kind of "The Fly" eBreeze, GOOD art is GOOD art BAD Music is BAD Music. End of the story, if you can hear that well, I guess there's not much I can do about it, it is my Point of View but it is the Truth Too, U2 is OVER. not matter how Hard they Try to make a Good Album they have Lost what they Had after POP . and they don't listen to Eno, they SHould just Do what Eno Says. he is 5 thousand Miles higher than U2, and eno was right when he says that CP and U2 is the new ABBA of our times. yeap.. U2 is 100% Crap now. sounds like "whitney houston" must be Fame or maybe Ego, or who knows.. maybe it is Bono and Edge with That attitude that Yes Everything is allright.. jaja.. SOI Sucks..200% TRASH. anyway.. I guess that "love is blindness" for some u2 fans.
  7. I think it's best not to release an album if you have nothing interesting to show, especially if you're u2, SOI is terrible.. damn... 20 years without a masterpiece.. that is the PROBLEM. I think John Lennon will hate the new U2 album too, anyway... where is my soul?
  8. it's a ok album.. not out of this world.. anyone can make take kind of music.. u2 used to push the music foward.. not anymore.. if you don't experiment you don't advance in music, and in any art oin fact. sounds like the killers and coldplay but with the edge and bono.. nothing very hard to do... if that record were from a X band.... nobody will listen to it.. maybe a few.,,, that why u2 is going down so quickly.. and it looks that they are not planing to do any changes about it.. if you hear GONE from POP and compare that to any song from SOI ... damn.. forget about it... "GONE" is too good., or If "God will.." or "Even better" or "Please" or "Daddy's gonna" or "Bullet the blue"...... en fin ... I think they New goal is to make money from touring ... not to make GReat Records following by a Great Tour.. not ending like the rolling stones.. just touring to promote your music.. they forgot about the "Music" ... in the end it is not the DVD.. in 200 Years... will be about the Songs... not the impact of touring or fame..etc..
  9. mmmm............. maybe I am the only one in this world aho thinks u2 lost their way... and SOI is a terrible album... I love the old u2 "first 2 decades" the third... mmm... not really a fan... and SOI I think is their worst album... in this order.. worst u2albums.. 1 - SOI 2 - October 3 - ATYCLB 4 - the rest is much better.. ¡ =) u2 Take BRIAN ENO BACK ¡¡¡¡¡ ... I miss brian eno inside of u2... he is like the fifth member... he make u2 sound better... simple as that,. damn.. and he is old.. =( the good thing is tha eno has a lot of Great albums.. and lanois too ¡¡ good music is good music... good songs are gonna be good somgs forever.. bad songs are bad songs.. sorry but that is the truth.. it is not taste.. but The result of hard work.. and brain work... anyway... I think u2 should come to mexico to live for a few years instead of usa... mexico is a very surrealist country,, maybe I can teach the edge some new guitar Tricks..haha to make "Songs of Experience" THE THIRD U2 "masterpiece" ... they need one now.. more than even.. and the only way to get it is risking everything.. I think Danger Mouse is a Terrible Producer.. too bad.. that's why the album is too bad... DAMN... I Had Lost All Hope in U2.. my brother tells me he is going to the show when they come to mexico.. but not me.. it is a waiste of money and time.. and what for¿? POP MART was their last real Tour.. Elevation tour was ok... they sound really good in Elevation tour.. but it was too "controled" no Risks.. anyway.. maybe is 'cos bono Got inside politics too much ... they bought his Brains.. haha.. just joking.. The Fly mode... ¡ -------- u2 -------- they used to be my idols.. damn.. not anymore.. I guess no one can do that job these days.. cold is 200% Crap... I miss the real INXS.. DM is on the same place as u2.. kind of.. no more masterpieces.. only some good songs ..age I guess.. who knows.. too much talking ... Less Talk and More Action.. I have to get back making Music.. =) ¡ Good Day ¡ =)
  10. mm.. 1... MOFO 2... GONE 3....PLEASE 4.....MIAMI 5-----IF YOU WERE that vulgar dress,,,
  11. I disagre with you "Numb" the acoustic version of every breaking wave is TERRIBLE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ that songs is so american so empty, the best song is "Lucifer's Hands" and it is not even in thealbum that reflects how low these guys have gone.. empty songs ... I hate the acoustic versions.. so boring...and with a Classic Strings.. the only way to save the song... and that trick is so OLD ¡¡¡¡ only piano and vocals then the drums with bass ¡¡!! jajaja a very old trick to make you feel good for a second.. it is a TRICK.. a music arragment trick..and old boring trick... U2 is over and not even over U2 is LOST.... it is sad to see a band that ONes was So Good ¡ and used to push the music foward and blow the world to a new direction Ending like this.. sad sad for them.. anyway my friends.. at least I know What Not to DO when I get old making music.. and That is not to end like these guys..¡¡
  12. I didn't knew about bono's accident was so hard... damn.. I don't like the new album but I hope bono really gets well soon =(
  13. I don't know... really.. could be a answer or a question or maybe a a simple thought... who knows?
  14. that's WHY U2 is losing FAns... a bad cover,, a bad album, a bad tour. more blinded new fans. less art.. ZOO TV MOOD.
  15. Crystal Ballroom or Lucifer's Hands great songs... better than the album . I think songs of experience is going to be just that, and I KNOW they don't have the songs YET, jeje, obesely, but in the end, of course it is going to be better. SONG of experience, that is the U2's trick they are playing . the othe problem for U2 is that people KNOWS " how they PLAY the game ".. so they cannot fool people any more.. and they repeat the same thing over and over and over again.. they sound very very STUCK. no matter how much they try.. must be the age.. who knows.
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