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    merida mexico
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    working in 18 albums at the same time..
    no one seems to hire my music for a ride =(
    I don't care I have to go on.
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    achtung baby, pop, joshua tree
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    The Fly
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    pop mart mexico
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    zoo tv
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    Adam Clayton
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    The Smiths, Eno, Television, Stone Roses, DM, INXS, etc

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  1. GeorgeZambra


    this is going to be the worst u2 tour ever... ¡ after that terrible album SOI .. the worst album u2 have made.. they keep going down... and down..
  2. pretty boring in fact, u2 is stuck in a very boaring place and they don't get it,,
  3. it is a O.K album nothing out from this world... U2 cannot make a Masterpiece again.. these guys need to get out from that Cloud and find a new one,, After "POP" u2 is over for me. I guess I could make them shine Again, I have exactly what U2 needs,, I have made 1400 new songs in 4 years, but by listing to james, the old good u2, dm, inxs, blues, etc. anyway... I guess that happens when you make that kind of money from 360 tour, and live in the USA, nothing agaist that, but you become some one else, not your self. George Zambra.
  4. mixing.......mixing... "circles"

  5. Big fan of U2 here's my music if anyone wants to hear it =) www.georgezambra.com
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