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  1. charov

    Bono's Hair

    Great idea ! Then I try to visualize it.......probably not a good idea. Lol
  2. Vertigojds: I love U2 like mad, but yes, I agree with much of what you said. I thought I was the only one to think that way. I felt it was odd the way they marketed the I E Tour. I wondered why they would pressure us to buy 2 nights worth of tickets. I really did not want to spend that much money. Also there was no way to choose which night to go to. They gave no description of how to choose which night to go to. So I just chose the first night at random. I also was surprised to find myself behind the stage. I thought I choose a a view of the front of the stage. Still I lov
  3. I live in California. This afternoon I went to Trader Joe's grocery store. It was a beautiful day. I drove home on a street called California. It is a beautiful street , with lots of big trees. I sang the song California in my head all the way home. It all made me very happy, the simple pleasures in life.
  4. While shopping at Trader Joe's (a grocery store chain ) today , they played over the loudspeaker Magnificint ! I noticed a stock-girl humming along, made me such a happy shopper !
  5. I saw LA-vation at a local park. It was during a carnival, at night. The fake Bono looked and sounded just like him. It was a small crowd , and at the end they had us all dancing at the front of the stage. I had a great time.
  6. I was at the mall this afternoon. They were playing some modern music over the mall sound system. Suddenly i realized they were playing EVERY BREAKING WAVE !!!!! I was suddenly smiling and had some spring in my step. : D
  7. charov

    Songs for Santa

    LOVE it ! genius ! ha-ha !
  8. I would also suggest more options in T-shirts for female fans. I look kinda stupid wearing a men's T-shirt. Please? Thanks! I would suggest scoop / modest V-neck
  9. I had no problem in Los Angeles. I cut and pasted my code, had a ticketmaseter account all set up, waited on the ticketmaster page during the count down. Then when I looked at my printed receipt ...it's not the day I want ! , (or was it "user error"....I am 56 years old ...ha -ha !) oh well at least I have tickets. I was SO nervous during the whole thing!
  10. . No code here in California, and it's all most 10:30 pm.
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