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  1. They accidentally it seems offered the first 3 tracks for about 24 hours or less perhaps. So I Will Follow, The Electric Co and Out Of Control. They then replaced them for Red Flag Day, Angel Of Harlem and Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. Then they added another 3, The Electric Co,All Because Of You and Stuck In A Moment. As The Electric co had already briefly been made available that was a total of 8 different songs. That’s what I and many others have downloaded but I’m guessing you don’t have access to I Will Follow and Out Of Control because you missed the boat so to speak and they are no
  2. They’ve still technically got 15 days to start shipping and be on time which is fine. It’s the downloads that should be with us. They’ve announced 6 downloads but really it’s 8, why they try and hide that fact is silly really. So they’ve likely got all the tracks ready but just won’t give us them, maybe we’ll get the option in future to pay our subscription in instalments as well since they seem to be happy only giving us downloads in instalments.
  3. Big fan of this. As others have mentioned it just feels like the song we need right now. Love it.
  4. charleswise you are absolutely correct. If I wanted to right now I could renew again which would take my membership to 2023 and in doing so I would surely be entitled to the 2022 subscription gift otherwise what else would I be adding another year for.
  5. Not going to lie despite my annoyance at not having all the downloads the ones we do have really are great. Listened to them a good few times already. The opening boy trio just highlights the strength of that album and they particular songs and how well they’ve aged, sounding as good as ever if not better. Red Flag Day is the best version I’ve heard of the song, Angel of Harlem sounds great with the orchestra something regular tour versions miss and Wild Horses is just quite frankly exceptional. Really great stuff.
  6. I just want to stress no hard feelings towards you. I know we often have a different view of the way things are done with u2.com or maybe come at it from different angles but any frustration or annoyance I’am expressing is not aimed at you. The downloads do sound great no disputing that.
  7. They only updated it recently to mention the July shipping date, previously it was only info on the Berlin dvd available. July is great for the physical item, if they stick to that I’ll be more than happy and give credit where it’s due like I always do. The music is actually ours, we didn’t create it so we have no creative rights on it but we will own the tracks as paid subscribers and this is where the dissent comes from that as paid subscribers we at this stage have 3 tracks for our money which is poor value in anyone’s mind. If we had all the downloads straight away then I would have no com
  8. If the live songs of innocence and experience set is anything to go by the production probably won’t be going well. There was tracks for that release available earlier in the year than these Apollo tracks and they didn’t start shipping that until end of October/November. They’re once again managing to take the shine of a good gift by drip feeding downloads.
  9. Well they’ve only gone and done it, 3 tracks available just now in the account section. I shouldn’t be surprised.
  10. It really is disappointing to wait so long for downloads especially when they’ve came up with a great gift again. Maybe if someone who knew what was going on could help us understand why it’s taking so long? But it just seems like there can be no good explanation why an almost 3 year old show isn’t available to download in full already. I also dread getting an email in the near future telling me I can download just a few songs from the show then need to wait longer for more.
  11. I wouldn’t be happy if they released Berlin physically on blu Ray or 4k having paid more for a dvd version of the show. If it gets released digitally in 4k that’s fine but I want the fanclub version to be the only physical officially released version otherwise it devalues it releasing it in higher quality to the general public.
  12. I just want to post another comment about the Apollo set. Really I think it’s excellent we’re getting the full show, I do hope we get the full show to download soon while we wait for the physical release but I also hope in future we’ll continue to get plenty of live stuff. I have to admit I’m not interested in books or photos but if that is a gift one year at least give us a full show to download alongside that. The fanclub is heading in the right direction, a full show 2 years in a row, one on cd, one on dvd and the year prior to that 2 cd’s worth of live material including some really rare l
  13. Credit where it’s due, they’ve made it the full show on 2 discs even though they hadn’t previously specified it was a 2cd set. I really didn’t expect the full show. To get Red Flag Day when it hasn’t been broadcast either is a really good touch too. Thumbs up u2.com.
  14. I didn’t bother tuning in tonight and quite glad if I’m honest. A gig that’s already been released on blu Ray and they put a couple of 4k videos up on YouTube but then make the full gig available only in 1080p. Completely pointless, maybe we’ll get more unreleased shows one day.
  15. You can easily get Discotheque on the beautiful day cd single. Same as velvet dress though. Mofo was on hasta la vista cd but that’s not so easy to get. They did just put Mofo on the YouTube channel though. All you need is the dvd anyway and then you’ve got the whole gig
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