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  1. I’d be prepared for something underwhelming. How nobody from the band or their management has managed to figure out that there are several amazing zoo tv shows that could be released to commemorate the album I’ll never know. We’re not talking crazy obscure shows there’s shows like Stockholm 92 which there has to be footage of they could upscale and release. There’s Dublin 93 which was broadcast on the radio. There’s all the bits from Yankee stadium that were recorded/filmed. We’re not talking about average performances either, these are all great shows and feature different Setlists to the Sydney show which was more Zooropa heavy. I can sort of understand the band not wanting to release just everything and anything when it comes to live stuff but I’ll never understand them releasing so few great shows that we know exist. 

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Manohlive said:


    I've thought this for a few years now.  I'm sorry anyone has to pay customs for this.  I get confused because some people approach this as a gift. Others approach it as something to which they have a right, because they paid for it, in which case it is not a gift.  It is a purchase. I don't know laws but deciding to declare something as a gift or diminishing the value of a package to avoid customs fees for fans sounds like a good way to get into a legal (and international) nightmare.   

    If it’s being described as a gift when we subscribe which it has been then it should be declared as a gift for customs purposes too. If that would bring up a legal issue then  it would 100% have to be described as a purchase which is how I’ve always seen it anyway tbh, the term gift is to make it sound like goodwill of sorts which to me it isn’t in fact in a non tour year it’s the only reason I subscribe but they can’t have it both ways with the publicity of calling it a ‘gift’ whilst not declaring it as such with customs. 

  3. I think at this stage there has to at least be a change to the terminology of the fanclub ‘gift’ which it never has been imo. Particularly in non tour years these so called gifts have been the main incentive. Either they send the items as a gift with a value of zero or they can change the wording. I’m from the UK I should add so this hasn’t directly impacted me but I don’t like the fact people have paid more than me to receive the exact same subscription and gift. They need to come up with some solution anyway. 

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  4. What I’d like to add to show I’m not trying to be doom and gloom all the time. I’m happy with the gift, a full gig on 2cd’s is decent, I think there’s still room for a little more value for money with the subscription but value for money is not my main priority when subscribing it’s about getting a good gift with a substantial amount of music and also getting priority for tickets in your years. So I’m happy with the gift itself. I’m even happy with the shipping starting in August but with the conditions of not announcing an earlier shipping date (which they did) and the big one that you could have guessed, giving us all the downloads straight away. But the gift itself is a thumbs up. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, mich40 said:


    One may not be happy or understand why they do things the way they do, but they always have a reason and they will continue to distribute the downloads as they see fit. 

    You’ve said as much before. What me and other subscribers are saying is regardless of there reasons we disagree with it and should give us all the downloads as soon as we (re)subscribe. And yes they clearly are just continuing to do things as they see fit, that much is very clear which is a good way to keep a lot of us dissatisfied. Likewise whilst they continue to do as they see fit we’ll continue to complain regardless of their reasons. As paying subscribers we have that privilege. It’s exactly that ‘continuing as they see fit’ which is u2.com’s biggest problem. As a fan club the main aim should be to please the fans not be fine with keeping many unhappy for whatever reasons they see fit. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, RAY4583 said:

    I think it is absurd to have paid for this back in December- or whenever the heck it was- and here we are now, in early August, with nothing to show for it.  Yeah, I know it'll be great when it shows up.  But don't announce/promote such an item if it's going to take this long to finally arrive. 

    They could have still promoted it by saying here’s this years gift which will be dispatched ‘later in the year’ at least then there’s flexibility with the dates then they could have given us all the downloads at once. It’s nothing short of crazy, stupid whatever similar term you can think of that they don’t give us all the downloads when we resubscribe. The physical gift I’m happy to receive in August, that’s fine, but don’t say it’s going to start shipping in July. Only a few days out but still between announcing July as the start date for shipping and by not giving us all the downloads at this point it has led to them once again taking the shine of a good item. I’ll still be glad when it arrives, I’ll still enjoy listening to the songs but it won’t make me forget the fact they mucked us around for months waiting on downloads and still got the shipping month wrong, albeit only just. 

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  7. Would be nice to get some word of what’s going on. Has shipping actually began yet, In July like they stated? Or are there delays again like several years in the past? We’re way short on the downloads as well which I will keep on bringing up because it’s quite frankly a disgrace. Hopefully this comment doesn’t get blocked like a few of my others. I’m guessing if I had only positive things to say all my comments would be allowed. 

  8. 2 hours ago, ecipher said:


    8 downloads?  Am I missing something?  I still only see 6.

    They accidentally it seems offered the first 3 tracks for about 24 hours or less perhaps. So I Will Follow, The Electric Co and Out Of Control. They then replaced them for Red Flag Day, Angel Of Harlem and Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. Then they added another 3, The Electric Co,All Because Of You and Stuck In A Moment. As The Electric co had already briefly been made available that was a total of 8 different songs. That’s what I and many others have downloaded but I’m guessing you don’t have access to I Will Follow and Out Of Control because you missed the boat so to speak and they are now for no good reason making you wait to receive these downloads along with the rest that none of us have yet received.  

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  9. 3 hours ago, jfreel said:

    "Dispatch of the physical gift set - including the double CD set, photo book of the show, specially designed cloth face covering and five commemorative cards - begins in July."

    Mid July and still nothing?

    They’ve still technically got 15 days to start shipping and be on time which is fine. It’s the downloads that should be with us. They’ve announced 6 downloads but really it’s 8, why they try and hide that fact is silly really. So they’ve likely got all the tracks ready but just won’t give us them, maybe we’ll get the option in future to pay our subscription in instalments as well since they seem to be happy only giving us downloads in instalments. 

  10. Not going to lie despite my annoyance at not having all the downloads the ones we do have really are great. Listened to them a good few times already. The opening boy trio just highlights the strength of that album and they particular songs and how well they’ve aged, sounding as good as ever if not better. Red Flag Day is the best version I’ve heard of the song, Angel of Harlem sounds great with the orchestra something regular tour versions miss and Wild Horses is just quite frankly exceptional. Really great stuff. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Manohlive said:

    I'm listening to I Will Follow right now.   It sounds really good. 

    It was a very bad choice of words, which is why I edited down my comment.  I understand wanting and waiting for something.  I resubscribed early, just in case the downloads got released before my subscription expired, which it does next week.  I've been wanting them too.

    Electric Co is now playing and wow.   

    I just want to stress no hard feelings towards you. I know we often have a different view of the way things are done with u2.com or maybe come at it from different angles but any frustration or annoyance I’am expressing is not aimed at you. The downloads do sound great no disputing that. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Manohlive said:

    I did not know it said July.  I get the gift whenever I get the gift. That's fine by me.  I'm not saying this should be so for others.  They've three months before they are or are not fulfilling any obligation.  They decided to release a few tracks at a time.  It's as it was last time. They could easily avoid the hassle, not release the downloads and just ship the CD.  It's their lives/band/music for which they no longer get paid/website. It's not ours. I wouldn't be happy if someone told me how to do my job months before the deadline. I don't understand the dissent but that's just me.

    They only updated it recently to mention the July shipping date, previously it was only info on the Berlin dvd available. July is great for the physical item, if they stick to that I’ll be more than happy and give credit where it’s due like I always do. The music is actually ours, we didn’t create it so we have no creative rights on it but we will own the tracks as paid subscribers and this is where the dissent comes from that as paid subscribers we at this stage have 3 tracks for our money which is poor value in anyone’s mind. If we had all the downloads straight away then I would have no complaints. Maybe they need to go and speak to Pearl Jam’s team and ask how they can get high quality gigs released so soon after the shows. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    I wish they would not say early 2021 (and other years).   Say later and if ready earlier in the year, it's a nice surprise.  In all fairness, we are still in the first half of 2021.  I am hoping starting to release the tracks means production of this year's gift is going well and wrapping up, if not done. Shipping logistics with the pandemic would not be a task I'd enjoy.  I hope that goes well too.

    If the live songs of innocence and experience set is anything to go by the production probably won’t be going well. There was tracks for that release available earlier in the year than these Apollo tracks and they didn’t start shipping that until end of October/November. They’re once again managing to take the shine of a good gift by drip feeding downloads. 

  14. It really is disappointing to wait so long for downloads especially when they’ve came up with a great gift again. Maybe if someone who knew what was going on could help us understand why it’s taking so long? But it just seems like there can be no good explanation why an almost 3 year old show isn’t available to download in full already. I also dread getting an email in the near future telling me I can download just a few songs from the show then need to wait longer for more. 

  15. I just want to post another comment about the Apollo set. Really I think it’s excellent we’re getting the full show, I do hope we get the full show to download soon while we wait for the physical release but I also hope in future we’ll continue to get plenty of live stuff. I have to admit I’m not interested in books or photos but if that is a gift one year at least give us a full show to download alongside that. The fanclub is heading in the right direction, a full show 2 years in a row, one on cd, one on dvd and the year prior to that 2 cd’s worth of live material including some really rare live tracks. Just keep going, live stuff is what most fans want. The options are endless when it comes to different tours and different shows, to quote Numb ‘too much is not enough’ when it comes to u2 live. 

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  16. 2 hours ago, jaureguigerardo said:

    Poor selection for the EP, no Mofo or Discotheque. I don’t get why only 4 songs they should release the whole thing or at least 8 songs. 

    You can easily get Discotheque on the beautiful day cd single. Same as velvet dress though. Mofo was on hasta la vista cd but that’s not so easy to get. They did just put Mofo on the YouTube channel though. All you need is the dvd anyway and then you’ve got the whole gig 

  17. 3 hours ago, Zbych said:

    With April upon us how are we doing Apollo?! 

    i must be careful with my boss or wife when I say to him I will be early ;) 

    realistically before the virtual tour is done we will not any heads up on the gift details 😕 

    The 11th June is 3 years since the show, will they have all the downloads available by then at least or is that asking too much. Trying to put it to the back of my mind but it is very frustrating. How can other bands have a quick turn around of multiple shows not just to download but on cd but it takes u2.com forever to give us 1 show on download never mind the physical release. Disappointing tbh. It will be a kick in the teeth as well if in the next few weeks they provide us with 1 or 2 songs to download to tide us over. 

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