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  1. Just throwing another idea into the mix which for me anyway would tick a lot of boxes in the one go. A cd or 2cd set of tracks that have never been officially released live before. I don’t know if the band have recordings in the vaults from the early days but songs like Rejoice, Tomorrow, Like A Song (only played once live), wire, Indian Summer Sky, Babyface, The Wanderer (Johnny Cash Tribute night version), The First Time, Do You Feel Loved, Miami, Wild Honey, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Crumbs From Your Table, Fast Cars, A Man And A Woman (Clinton foundation event version), Lucifers Hands, Ordinary Love, Window In The Skies.
  2. There is official word underneath the new t shirts in the merchandise section when you click on one it says for 48 hours.
  3. I can only fully agree with the original post. There’s nothing worse on u2.com than getting a short clip of a song live knowing they must have filmed the full song and that we’ll likely never see the whole performance. I’d genuinely rather not see anything than a 30 second teaser. Also for next year a zoo tv show from early in the tour is a perfect idea. These shows are amongst the best in the bands history. Stockholm would be a great obvious choice. However, it doesn’t even need to be as specific as sticking to a certain show or tour I just want them to keep on making the fanclub gift a live music gift which in fairness the Apollo this year will be for the 3rd straight year. The only downside this year is it looks like it’s going to be 1 disc, a 2cd set with bonus tracks to fill it would have been better and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t go down that route, offer the fans as much value as possible for their subscription, surely any band would want that for their fans?. Other ideas going forward though an Unforgettable fire tour show on cd and/or dvd, a Joshua Tree 2017 or 2019 show on cd and/or dvd. The Washington E&I show that was filmed, I believe they didn’t want to release this as it repeated too many songs from the I&E paris show but I would suspect subscribers are big enough fans of the band that similarities wouldn’t matter. Popmart Santiago, zoo tv Dublin, Yankee Stadium, Washington. Vertigo Dublin which was apparently filmed, the full vertigo milan show, a 360 show from later on in the tour since the Setlists changed so much throughout the tour. Plenty of options to use going forward to avoid any disappointing gifts.
  4. It’s all if’s and but’s with shipping just now anyway I wouldn’t expect the item to be shipped early February but I’m not excusing them from delays down the line either. My main and original point that is about just now is the downloads. There isn’t a good reason why they aren’t ready as soon as we resubscribe.
  5. A lot of the problems with delays with fan club gifts has nothing to do with shipping anyway. It’s getting the item produced that’s the delay and that is entirely a u2.com/livenation issue to resolve. If they actually started shipping in June say then even if there was shipping issues/delays that would be fine the gift would arrive in good time. Last year during the pandemic showed that they could get a gift out to fans at a good time, there’s no reason to drop below they standards it would be nothing to do with shipping delays and all to do with a poorly managed service at u2.com if they don’t have the gift ready to ship at a sensible time in the year. And again that doesn’t address the issue of giving us downloads straight away. You are allowed to be critical on here you know, just because it’s u2 doesn’t mean you need to try and defend the indefensible. ‘I understand your frustration’ is something one of the customer service team on this site would hit out with whilst side stepping the issue.
  6. I know where you are coming from but really even though you say you aren’t defending live nation that is exactly what you’re doing. How is it that people who ordered ATYCLB boxsets from u2.com were still waiting on it up until recently and might still be waiting for all I know but people who ordered from Amazon got it straight away and slightly cheaper. A few people were even given the 2cd ATYCLB set instead of the boxset they ordered. The live songs of innocence and experience cd issue was before any pandemic, that was a mess up plain and simple, they said shipping in the spring and were about 6 months late on that. Berlin last year was excellent, the stream in March was great, with the pandemic going on and the uncertainties I wasn’t expecting the dvd until much later than they had stated but we got it in very good time, no complaints with that. This years gift there’s no reason not to give us downloads just now, that’s not a delivery issue, the show was played 2 and a half years ago, it’s been streamed for Siriusxm subscribers, why can’t I/we as paid subscribers pay our money and get the downloads straight away then wait for the physical item? If we get them all by around March again like we got the full Berlin stream then it’s not too bad but I just don’t get why they’re not ready just now and it will be really poor if they scatter them over about 6 or 7 months a couple of tracks at a time. As for when we get the physical item I still think they should be trying to get them to us for the summer, that’s give or take 6 months from now, if it ends up being nearer the end of the year and they tell us that then I can accept that under the circumstances with the pandemic but give us the downloads just now or soon.
  7. Seems really pointless to me. With the Berlin show they were streaming that in March, wouldn’t the equivalent with this show just be to give us all the downloads straight away? I’d also like to think it will be dispatched well before August so all the downloads should be with us way before that too , they were a bit of a shambles with that live songs of innocence and experience set claiming it would be shipping in the spring I believe then not actually shipping until November. They haven’t mentioned when shipping will start yet but hopefully things are done more like the Berlin dvd release rather than how things were done with the live songs of innocence and experience release.
  8. I have to ask the question why can’t we have downloads straight away from the Apollo show when we resubscribe? This show was played more than 2 and a half years ago why isn’t it good to go?
  9. That was a bit bizarre they’ve already upgraded it without doing the premiere etc.
  10. I agree with this also. Different if the show was only played last week and they took a few weeks to master it but we’re talking about a show that was played more than 2 years ago now. Downloads straight away would make the wait for the physical item seem much better.
  11. You know the gift is in audio right? There won’t be much to view.
  12. It’s exactly as was said you get the Apollo show on cd and download if you get the basic subscription and if you get the premium subscription you get the Apollo show on cd and download as well as the E&I Berlin dvd and access to the 4K HD stream of that Berlin show. It’s very clear in the wording. I don’t disagree though that they could just tell us what we’re getting with the Apollo cd and download just now but I’m not feeling particularly impatient on the matter just now.
  13. Well they gave us 4 vinyl with the JTsingles collection so I guess from a financial point of view a double vinyl as well as cd and download wouldn’t cost any more to produce. Greedy of me perhaps but that really would be the very best way to do it. Even a triple vinyl for some of the longer live sets with double cd and download would probably be cheaper than 4 vinyl. But just to clarify I’m happy with cd and download if they gave us the options I’d end up asking my better half to get a subscription so I could have the gift on vinyl and cd so it would cost me more.
  14. I’ve started a u2 vinyl collection and as much as I like vinyl now I still like having a cd as a physical back up to a download. If my MacBook was to break somehow and I only had vinyl as back up that’s me lost the tracks whereas with a cd I can just burn that onto iTunes. But would I complain at a vinyl/download set no just prefer cd. Dvd definitely can’t be replaced by vinyl they’re not comparable formats. Blu Ray and 4K is better but I thought the Berlin dvd was good picture quality compared to there old DVD’s. More people own a cd and DVD player than a vinyl and blu Ray player so that has to be considered also.
  15. They wouldn’t need to omit anything like 1/3 or 1/2 of the show. A cd fits 80 minutes on it. The Apollo was a good bit shorter than the E&I shows. They would only need to omit 1 or 2 songs at most from the Setlist. As I said if gaps which are basically just crowd noise is edited out then the whole performance minus Red Flag Day would fit on 1 disc. If they took out 2 songs they wouldn’t need to edit other bits out but it seems pointless to keep long pauses with only crowd noise bits in.
  16. They did specify double cd when they did the live songs of innocence and experience release, I think they would have done the same here. Why would they undersell it? You could be right in terms of the literal meaning of the description but realistically it’s going to be 1 cd so I’m just hoping they don’t omit songs even when they have the space to include them. If we were really lucky maybe a bonus download or 2 would complete the set. I guess we’ll just need to wait and see.
  17. Assuming it’s one cd as I’m sure they would have made clear if it was 2 it’s likely not going to be the full set. Red Flag Day I’d imagine will be out since it wasn’t included in the broadcast. The rest of the tracks can then be edited down to less than 80 minutes (no encore gaps etc) so it’s possible to fit them all in one cd. I wouldn’t be massively disappointed not to get some of the tracks that have appeared on numerous live releases already but I guess my question would be why not put them all on there?
  18. This is really good. I’m glad they’ve continued with the live music gifts and look forward to receiving it.
  19. Been thinking about that myself recently. I’d love to get a zoo tv show but then they might do that with an anniversary boxset, two different gigs would go down well though. Maybe an October 40th anniversary live release would be a good shout for something different.
  20. I will admit I’ve been quick to complain with certain things from u2.com but I’m currently watching the dvd and I’m very pleasantly surprised at the picture quality.
  21. More than understandable there’s going to be delays with this years gift. I would just like it to be acknowledged on the site that it’s going to be delayed. There’s been a poor history from u2.com of failing to meet dates they’ve said and not acknowledging it with an apology or explanation, certainly not at the time anyway. It’s a very easy explanation this time and no apology needed just an acknowledgment on the site.
  22. Absolutely spot on stuff above, I think it’s all realistic and reasonable. Instead of Sydney this week we could have been watching Stockholm 92 just cleaned up with better audio. Instead of seeing bits of songs for the last few tours and thinking I want more we could have been getting full songs and feeling grateful. All the other points too are well put. Think about it what could you buy online or in a music store for $40 or $50? More than one dvd anyway, the ticket pre sale doesn’t cost the site anything either so shouldn’t be factored in to the cost.
  23. I won’t go on any further than this so I don’t derail things but is there really no way that a few more things could be thrown our way. It doesn’t need to be full shows even but maybe every few weeks a full live video of just one song even. I’m not just talking about now while we’re in lockdown I’m talking about with the site in general. Surely someone’s reading this that can at least try and do something about it. Is it really too much to ask to turn a 30 second video of exit from last year into the full one for us? Maybe a dozen videos over a year of full songs live? 1 a month.
  24. I think a fair suggestion to start with would be having full song clips when they perform live instead of the 30 second ones we usually get. I don’t think that’s an unfair ask, they’re filming the song anyway why tease paying members with just a bit of it.
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