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  1. Think the whole video is amazing,,,why hide the past from everyone a gripping movie with great music trying to tell a story..not trying to make money of the so called troubles in Ireland...think there should be more videos regarding the troubles what both sides went through..brill video..
  2. I voted sleep like a baby tonight...amazing sounds like a seductive track and one of the best on the album...it can take you places when you relax....it was close though...this is where you can reach me now was second.....cannot believe that it not got more votes....it sounds like a 80s songs when you were young in the discos....but overal all great songs there is no bad one on that list...brill
  3. regardless of the song titles or album title.. its the song that make it special like they have done since 1980....album titles...Boy...october,war.under a blood red sky,unforgettable fire,joshua tree.rattle and hum,achtung baby,zooropa pop,All you cant leave behind,htdaab,an d then no line...so your telling me that they are great album titles?...name one bad album......it does not matter what the album is called or the songs its how they sound and played which makes a song regardless of the sone title..and as for a last chance i think not...still the biggest band in the world....i think at least another 4 albums after this one...
  4. I think that any news about u2 and the album is great but everyone is waiting on this new album for ages now......so as the new album is close to getting released this year people now that we are waiting and trying to get the gossip going...saying the new album is called manhattan......also there is a song everyone is calling 2030....and everyone knows that chris martin was with u2...i think that u2 should start by telling there fans whats what now and when the new album is getting released or news regarding the new album but whatever happens i think u2 are going to come back with a bang
  5. just watched the video of u2 this is.........how good is his voice at the moment roll on the new album...looks like the good days are coming back....just want the new album to come out....
  6. it seems that we have waited years for the new album....i think it will be a new sound a new start in the U2 world of rock and roll...then the tour which i heard it will be indoors this time......roll on end of 2013 for the new album
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