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  1. Called customer service and was told I wasn't eligible for another ticket since I had already used my code for a (one single!) ticket previosly. Giving up. Mods, while i didn't manage to get my hands on a ticket I still sincerely appreciate your help!
  2. Unfortunately never even got to that point I would have been very dissapointed if all the shows were sold out before I got a chance to buy a ticket. But losing out on one because Ticketmaster won't accept my valid presale code stings so much more.
  3. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari. None of them have worked.
  4. some members have reported that Chrome worked for them better than other browsers.. consider using it... Didn't work unfortunatly.
  5. My code isn't working and I've only used it for one ticket previously. Cleared Safari history and tried Firefox. No luck.
  6. Giving up. Order date: Dec 3, 2014 Tried Chrome, did'nt work. Neither did Safari or Firefox. No luck with the brittish ticketmaster either.
  7. My code isn't working and I've only used it for one ticket previously. Come on!
  8. Yup, Stockholm's through AXS as well. Sounds promising, thanks! check with the venue first if you can, just to be doubly sure Thank you! Decided not to use the presale code again so i woudn't risk losing the one i already have. I'd rather play it safe. EDIT: Thank you to everyone else as well, of course.
  9. Yup, Stockholm's through AXS as well. Sounds promising, thanks!
  10. Mods, my sincere apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere and I missed it. Yesterday, in a post in the FAQ thread, it was stated: Q - How Many Tickets Can I buy? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to TWO tickets for any ONE show in Europe in a single transaction OR up to TWO tickets (in total) against up to two shows in North America. (This is because ticketing vending arrangements are different on the two continents In the Tours section, you are currently encouraged to “Make sure to read the updated FAQs.” There, it says: Q - How Many
  11. Swede here, mine was shipped from California.
  12. "It's magnificent" Know it was a bad one
  13. Hi everyone, sorry for not posting in a while. Sad to hear that my romanian friend (and others, of course) haven't received U22 yet. Hopefully it will arrive soon. I've been listening to it over and over and it's absolutely amazing. I didn't download the songs from U2.com in advance so i listened to the songs for the first time the afternoon the Cd:s arrived. Before it arrived my favorite live album was Bruce Springsteens 'Live in New York', but U22 might just be my new #1. My God, i'ts magnificent (pun intended). Cheers
  14. Just received today's mail and got a notice from the local post office that I have a package from Live Nation to pick up. YES!
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