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  1. Sure they could change their mind about a commercial physical release. But I think it’s unlikely. There is far too much money to be made by selling the rights to a streaming giant. To put things into perspective most notebook PCs don’t even have an optical drive any more and an ever increasing new generation of people will not even have a DVD player. It is becoming legacy equipment. I’m not sure it’s such a mistake for the content owners’ bottom line , however much we may lament the lack of a physical HD release. We have the DVD as a fan club gift. In time it will become a bigger gift than we realise. and as an aside , hi res audio streaming hasn’t really gone very mainstream. The Complete U2 was AAC format. Apple have yet to adopt a hi res audio format in the iTunes Store (I’m an iPhone user going on 10yrs). No sign of that yet , however much I wish that they would, as well as wish they continue to offer physical video media commercially. We will only have one copy of the DVD , if that gets messed up , we won’t be able to buy another off the shelf.
  2. I think we should believe them when they say that Berlin show will not get a commercial physical media Hi Def release (Blu Ray). I think the 4K streaming rights will ultimately be sold to a mainstream streaming platform in an immensely lucrative deal for U2, eclipsing what could be made from physical media sales and instantaneously so. The usual suspect is Netflix. But Apple TV+ is desperate to make waves, they have very deep pockets and it would be a huge coup for them, my money would be on Apple. It would also be something of a love letter, I reference The Complete U2, a digital box set released on 23 November 2004 by Apple Computer on the iTunes Store, which I also happened to buy and have on my iPhone to this day. It was the first major release of a purely digital online set by any artist. It contained the complete set of U2 albums, singles, live, rare and previously unreleased material from 1978 to 2004, with a total of 446 songs. Incidentally, as of 20 December 2007, the The Complete U2 is no longer available for sale. And of course even if it was ,it would not be accurate to call it Complete any longer, if not having any new material released since 2004 I think it’s good that the fan club gift is DVD rather than blu ray - as not everyone has a Blu Ray player. But I also think there should have been an upgrade to Blu Ray option and even a further upgrade option to 4K.
  3. Another one. Sorry , I tried inverting it , hoping it would get inverted again but it’s still inverted !
  4. Bono wore a “blister” suit on some tracks on the Popmart DVD. It always reminded me of his “the fly” look with the bug-eyed shades. Only they did not perform the fly on the DVD. sorry it’s upside down I hope mods can assist
  5. I went to the Justin Timberlake 20/20 experience concert about 5 years ago. The final Vegas show was filmed by famed Jonathan Demme who has died now. It was a fabulous show and I waited ages for a blu ray release. Eventually it was sold to Netflix and never got a blu ray release, which I was very miffed about as the Netflix show is missing several fantastic songs from the concert. Maybe U2 Berlin could eventually be sold to Netflix. personally, I don’t mind as long as it is the full unedited show as well as disc format is also marketed.
  6. Thank you. Great , relieved it’s the same CD as I didn’t need another set and only ordered the DVD. my CD set from last year came inside an oversized booklet. Looks like the one from this year is the same size as the disc , unless I’m mistaken. I have to take back what I always believed about dts. I’ve been listening to U2 concert DVDs this evening. They invariably actually sound better in Dolby digital (DD) than dts , at least on my Onkyo amp that I now use. I have the I&E Blu ray. Aside from the stereo track , this only has a dts soundtrack, no DD. I just purchased it on iTunes , where of course everything that is in 5.1 is DD. And it sounds better than the Blu ray dts core. Each compared using optical connection. And counterintuitively, HDMI route for audio sounds worse for both compared to optical - but this may be peculiar to my amp. but whatever , I can’t stop myself getting drawn into the DD audio . so I am really looking forward to the DVD which I have been told has DD audio, hopefully it’s higher bitrate audio than what’s streaming , which sounds decent enough anyway I guess. I have spent more time watching Berlin this evening than any other U2 concert. I love the cartoon sketch interlude and the version of Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me that plays alongside. The second act of the show is pure class, and want to finish watching it again. so glad they changed their name from “the Hype” , which would have given the impression that they really weren’t all that. And of course , they are !
  7. is the 2 CD set the exact same as last year’s ? I have the CDs from last year, is why I ask. I only chose the DVD.
  8. Yes it’s available now for streaming , but for how long is anyone’s guess. It looks great even AirPlaying in 1080p. Having played back other DVD And Blu ray U2 concerts , the audio is not quite there. Maybe the streamed audio is a compressed version of Dolby digital 5.1. Does the DVD version audio sound any better , to anyone’s ear ? I’m waiting for my copy.
  9. I feel that if one is entitled to a DVD through taking out a subscription, then the highest possible definition streaming of that video should be available to the subscriber ... indefinitely, for as long as one holds an active subscription. It would be a soft incentive for fans to continue to subscribe, it would be a win-win.
  10. I just signed up for subscription so hope it’s not long before I get the DVD. Can anyone confirm, does the DVD have dts soundtrack? i prefer dts to Dolby digital.
  11. I don't need a ticket any more. Thank you for the replies.
  12. I am also after a ticket for 30th , just a single . Virginprune , if yours is miraculously still available I am seriously interested. If not , they I would look into Shazwah's if still available.
  13. By the way , the audio quality of Rosa A's uploads are my go to place for a fix of the I&E tour , mainly Vancouver but also some Phoenix tracks. It's a cut well above the rest. A lot of video on the tube looks great , but sounds awful to the point of unbearable due to poor quality smartphone microphones. This chaps efforts I am most grateful for however.
  14. Yes Mike7man, I believe the suspended speakers where meant to improve sound further away from the stage. Well you have confirmed that they were not indigenous to only the Vancouver show. Anyone know if these suspended speakers have been used at any European shows at all ? I know they weren't used in Amsterdam.
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