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  1. Videos shot on film just look gorgeous 👌
  2. I might be a little biased But WOWY is one of the greatest songs of all time.
  3. 8 minutes of awesomeness. Right there.
  4. The song & video that hooked me in. Blooming awesome.
  5. All is quiet, on new year’s day...


    There,  I said it


    1. dmway


      Thank you, Man from the Future!

      Is 2021 as great as it was advertised to be?


    2. dmway


      Wait...nevermind. It's 2021 here too now - it's awesome! 😎

    3. andryu2


      It's 2021 in South America too (actually, since 13 hours ago) and I'm loving it! 

  6. RIP Bones Hillman, bass player from legendary Australian band Midnight Oil.
  7. Ive tried for years to work out what Bono says between Bad & Streets in this show. Ive still got no idea 🤷‍♂️
  8. Let’s face it 2020 has been, well a bit shit. I’ll always remember though the great times we had with all the watch parties, official & unofficial. I cant wait to see everyone (when its safe, obviously) at a real life show somewhere soon.
  9. I go sit in my driveway for a couple of hours in the sun/rain, then run into the house to get that same “gates open” GA rush...
  10. It takes me to a better time too
  11. The next few minutes of Bad into Streets. Perfection.
  12. IWF. That riff always makes me happy
  13. My volume is pretty low, cos it’s stupid o’clock...
  14. I love the “battle” between Bono & The Edge in Until the Edge of the World.
  15. Ive skipped the tea & gone straight for coffee ☕️
  16. What’s the song when U2 come on ? 😋 😂😂
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