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    All you can't leave behind
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    Love is all we have left
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    Unforgettable Fire
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    Joshua tree tour
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    The Beatles,David Bowie,Renato Zero,Simple Minds, Cult, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Oasis, Luca Carboni, Alerts, The Valentines, Muse, Gavin Friday, Brahms, Tchaikowski, Chopin,Bryan Eno, U2, Virgin Prunes. Musicals. etc.

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My name is Paola, but I soon searched for a  nickname and my chosen one was Paulie. From the quiet town of Bologna, I am a reader ,a worker, a mum and an housewife. I love listening to music,reading literature, watching Tv. I also like  listening to Radio's stations. I have nostalgia of my happiness in the past and I remember the good episodes of life. I go on step by step with difficulties in the real life like so many other people of my age. I am 56 years old. I have lived the 80'ies and the alternative music. I am not trying to look younger etc., although I admire persons who are experts of the cure the body.. Everyday is a precious day. I love writing novels, poetry and the best from me is  yet to be given. I think, somebody  needs time and quiet to write the truth. The World may overwhelm the good spirit  through excessive  consumism, and propaganda, never is to give up.

 I love most of the Disney'  s movies .

I don't want to be a pessimist. I would like understanding  the political economy through the studies I did and the experience I have gained.

 I enjoy listening to U2 music, I think their shows are great though expensive shows, but it worth the  while to go and see them..

I also listen to other kind of music such as classical music. One of my best lecture in English language is ' Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde. 

Social stability, democracy,migration,money's deflation,alternative energy's resources,,economic break point, inflation of the mass media,unemployment, addiction. Where, when, how.


Integrity , convention, belief


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