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  1. Found this in atu2.com: "Billboard magazine was unable to confirm any more of the management shuffle, but in its article there's additional news about U2's musical plans. Billboard says the next album is tentatively set to be released in April, and U2 is looking for "brand partners" to help announce the album via a Super Bowl TV commercial. Billboard says Oseary is leading those discussions. So this is obviously huge news, all but confirmed by McGuinness' statement. While you're waiting for the next bit of news to come in, feel free to join your fellow fans who are already discussing
  2. I heard somewhere that they were looking for a company to help them with the commercial. Like blackberry a few years ago.
  3. Loved the movie u2brothr. When I'm old enough I'll have a shrine too !! Sad to hear about the car, but congratulations on the news. Again, great movie I could watch it a million times and not get bored.
  4. I think their brand partner for the commercial will be beats. I don't approve of it but I think that if they (bono) want to stay relevant, partnering with beats wouldn't be a bad idea to get publicity. It also coincides with Beats releasing their new music streaming service which comes out January 21st. Anyways, new u2 is always good
  5. I should've known it was going to be a massive let down. But they did hint the name of the song on the announcement. I wish I hadn't been so foolish. I was embarrassed to tell my family what the "surprise" was, it was utterly pathetic. I am very angry.
  6. at this point I dont care when they release an album as long as it is good
  7. trying to throw your arms around the world
  8. i am. it even says my subscription is going to end october in 2013
  9. they are not there!!!! Big wave help me!!!!
  10. I cant see any of the tracks that are supposed to be available for download. What should I do? can any of you see the downloads?
  11. video by goodfight.org. They think u2 are saitanists and they dont get the irony of macphisto. watch the video its very weird (and stupid).
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