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  1. Hi Bono, Hi Adam, Hi Edge, Hi Larry, Tonight I need to talk, as we French People are experiencing what no human being is supposed to face. I went to all your Tours since 1987 and, after a long 5 years, it was feeling a great great pleasure that warmed my heart before travelling on Friday to Paris with my 2 Young kids 5 & 8 year old. I was so excited before to come and after having assisted to the 2 fantastic shows you gave in Italy. You know how France loves you and how the atmosphere during the 10th & 11th were from a country that always welcomed U2 and supported your Band,.
  2. Presales for Paris 3 went completely wrong today Presales are (officially) from: Thursday10 am to Friday 12:00 at 12:00 am on Thursday there were 0 tickets available to buy !!!! so could not buy what I was looking for. U2.com promise an access to presales, sorry guy but i had an access to the screen that told me: "you dreamed, now you can cry" Really disappointed, it is time to reacr and reallocate some presales tixx
  3. °yoda


    hi all, I have 1 additional parterre / standing ticket for then 5TH want to swap with one parterre ticket for the 4Th Thanks !
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