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  1. Hi Bono, Hi Adam, Hi Edge, Hi Larry, Tonight I need to talk, as we French People are experiencing what no human being is supposed to face. I went to all your Tours since 1987 and, after a long 5 years, it was feeling a great great pleasure that warmed my heart before travelling on Friday to Paris with my 2 Young kids 5 & 8 year old. I was so excited before to come and after having assisted to the 2 fantastic shows you gave in Italy. You know how France loves you and how the atmosphere during the 10th & 11th were from a country that always welcomed U2 and supported your Band,. It was also a great opportunity for our U2 community to meet each others and share our passion for your music and what you are. 1:00 my phone rang, informed by an italian U2 fan about the Tragedy. And then I saw what was happening few hundreds meters from where I was leaving. It was so brutal, so much hurting me. An incredible feeling and compassion for all those who passed away. 8:00 am, my 2 sons came to me smiling, so cute, so Virgin. I looked at them and just thought how this world can be sometimes so extreme. Why these crazy guys cannot understand that Love is all you need. Love that you are singing for years and certainly forever. I cannot stop to think that 1 day later, few meters from where it happened. We the U2 COMMUNITY could have been the target of these guys. And it make even more real the things. And have difficulties to imagine how we can plan once more these shows and do like if nothing would have happened. Because nothing will be like before, You are singing Sunday Bloody Sunday for years and now I do understand why. We will need to find the force to overcome this one, like we did for the 3 last terrorist acts, we had in France over the past few months We will allways be stronger and we will always RUN, even if we have to find the force to do so, we will STAND STILL and never fall ! NEVER Thanks to all the U2 community for your great support. Thanks Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam for the flowers And Love for all the ones who lost someone. WE U2 COMMUNITY WILL NEVER WALK ALONE
  2. Presales for Paris 3 went completely wrong today Presales are (officially) from: Thursday10 am to Friday 12:00 at 12:00 am on Thursday there were 0 tickets available to buy !!!! so could not buy what I was looking for. U2.com promise an access to presales, sorry guy but i had an access to the screen that told me: "you dreamed, now you can cry" Really disappointed, it is time to reacr and reallocate some presales tixx
  3. °yoda


    hi all, I have 1 additional parterre / standing ticket for then 5TH want to swap with one parterre ticket for the 4Th Thanks !
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