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  1. I ordered the tour program the day it was available and haven't heard A SINGLE WORD since. My card was charged immediately... This is very disappointing, as it should not have been charged until it was shipped. I feel robbed by this. I've also sent 4 emails and haven't received any response from doing so. Very sad and disappointing.
  2. LetMeInTheSound7


    I love my shrine! Feel free to follow me on Twitter! @LucaG_7
  3. I feel like going CRAZY TONIGHT

  4. Very nicely done!! The whole site!
  5. It's been AWHILE since I've made a wallpaper. I thought I'd return with one of my fave pics from 360. Bono during Return of the Stingray Guitar!! Great pic reminds me of all the energy during the 360 concerts! Hope everyone enjoys and have a good night! By:Luca G
  6. I saw Bon Jovi in Toronto in 2010. He doesn't really have "his" voice anymore but they were pretty good. He just earned more respect by saying "He revealed that watching U2Â's shows there on DVD gets him fired up in his dressing room before a performance" and "I love Bono. He could sing the phone book and IÂ'd listen to him. WeÂ're friendly. I donÂ't call him up a lot, but when we do see each other I give him a big honest hug and a kiss because I just adore him.Â"
  7. Magnificent is my JAM! I've heard it in a club twice and lost it!! Who knows what I looked like haha. I love jumping up and down to I Will Follow and Until the end of the world but then again...WHO DOESN'T!
  8. I love NLOTH Too! It's amazing! For next tour I can only see them playing "Moment Of Surrender" Which is incredible but I would love to see Magnificent live again
  9. I Would LOVE another Achtung Baby! I also would love more hard rock sounding songs. Something like "Glastonbury" That song is amazing, I love it! More songs like "All Because of You" or "Rejoice" from October. I'm anxious for anything! New album/tour next year!!
  10. So happy I didn't renew when my account expired on Tuesday! Glad I waited it out! I ordered the bundle! Can finally have ZOOTV on CD!!
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