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  1. Hi barbara1 theres so much to see here it takes a while getting round I lurk because im reading a lot like reading posts etc and seeing how things go round here havent a lot of time on my hands have sort of liked what I have seen so far.what I cant find is the download section? Where is that? Is there a section where you can download the 360 tour concerts?Must say I am loving the pics of the band here on this site especially the ones of Adam .Have a Beautiful Day barbara1
  2. Mathew I read your profile and your wedding storyJust to say what a wonderful wedding day you had really enjoyed reading it it brightened up my day
  3. Im a lurker too but did my vote
  4. your tattoos are nice.
  5. This is a lovely picture.Did someone get married at a u2 show? is there a story behind this picture?
  6. Hi ..im a new one here.Just thought id join since I got a computer.not very good on it yet.Id be very sad if U2 were to split up.Im just having a look around just now.
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