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  1. Well, if it is real, THERE'S STILL NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!! Whether its real or not, nicely made
  2. I could do without: Boots Sunday Bloody Sunday and at least lay off of playing Elevation/Vertigo. I mean, I love these songs, but they just don't have too much effect anymore.
  3. I just downloaded it. I was a little skeptical at first with the drum machine and all, but once the chorus came I found myself loving every bit of the song. Bono's singing is great, and there is really good guitar work.
  4. 1) Lightning Bolt-Pearl Jam 2) New-Paul McCartney 3) Random Access Memories-Daft Punk 4) Amok-Atoms For Peace 5) Pure Heroine-Lorde
  5. I've just read that U2 will be one of Jimmy Fallon's first guests when he starts the Tonight Show next month. Might get some news on that new album!
  6. I want an album where I have no idea what to expect. Something with more personal lyrics, like in their early days.
  7. Thank you for compiling all this info. I heard from my local record store about the vinyl release. Can't wait.
  8. So far I haven't heard anything regarding the subscription gift. But I believe it will be announced soon.
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