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  1. I'm in Canada too...when did you subscribe? I did it at the end of October and haven't seen mine yet.
  2. Subscribed on October 30th...haven't seen it arrive yet. Kinda dumb to announce the next one before we get the previous one.
  3. So what would you say to the few who wanted something on vinyl...1978 called?
  4. Now that there's been two shows, one just has to look at the stage to see that 'POP' IS BEING RECOGNIZED with this tour....A GIANT VIDEO SCREEN THE SIZE OF THE STAGE (minus the arch and lemon)! Where have we seen this kind of thing before? I'd be willing to bet that this was talked about in one way or another in the planning of this tour. I wouldn't be surprised if a song off of 'POP' finds it's way into the end of the set at some point.
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