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  1. So it looks like everyone is getting paper tickets then. I thought they are obsolete by now. I can't help wondering why on earth someone is still doing this, it's so old-fashioned and inconvenient... just imagine mailing thousands of tickets by hand to thousands of addresses... Some are bound to be undelivered, lost in mail, mixed up, stolen, late etc., they are going to sort out all the angry e-mails, refunds, cancellations, reprints... How does that compare to instant gratification of printing your own ticket at home 5 min after purchase? No fuss, no complaints, no delays, no fees. Maybe tha
  2. Before the start of pre-sale I have checked some other events at Altice Arena on sale at www.blueticket.pt and I was under impression that one can choose electronic ticket option pretty much for any event - except U2 shows, where the only choice (or rather, absence of it) was to have printed tickets mailed to your physical address by EMS courier service. Did you guys experience the same? Or did I do something wrong? (I wasn't registered on the site, just bought tickets and left). At the moment I was too happy to get my seats at all to actively mind that, but in the hindsight, it's pretty
  3. Hello, I'm looking forward to presale start for the Innocence group. Never had a chance to attend this Altice Arena before: any piece of advice which seating spots I should look for for best experiece? I checked other events in this Arena, and to my surprise, quite a lot of events have no marked seats at all, which is unusual. Does that mean you have to come in early to get the good seats? Does anyone know if that is the case for U2 show as well? EDIT: nope, marked seats for this show, thankfully.
  4. Of course, one can't take risks with safety precautions on an event of such scale - especially when the world is in such a shape... I understand the band just followed the security recommendations provided by promoter who based the decisions on the information from police force and the venue. Still pissed by the fact they had to cancel just when the worst part was already over... It could have been pretty scary on Friday, but flew in to St Louis this morning, was walking around the downtown for hours - haven't seen the slightest sign of riots or protests so far. No blocked roads, no enhanced p
  5. No offense meant, but what's with the ticket sales for St Louis show? With just days to go, it's far from sold out; in fact, one can still choose freely from almost every category with obvious exception of Red Zone. Even the floor is still available. Is it normal situation or is there a reason behind that? Was really surprised to find it like this - it was so much different in Europe... Barely managed to grab few tickets for Paris - luckily I had pre-sale code, but general sale was an annihilation - olympic stadiums being sold out within minutes...
  6. Thanks! I started worrying when the first thing Ticketmaster asked me was "the point of delivery": - US - Canada - Other countries I guess, this should be irrelevant, unless they are going to post physical ticket, no?
  7. Just wonder if Ticketmaster offers print-at-home option for tickets to this event? I'm traveling from Europe and wouldn't like to wait for weeks for paper tickets to arrive by post....
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