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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Larry Mullen, the man driving the band !!!!!!!....

  2.    WHEN IN darker doubt , sadness and deppression. LIsten to *POP*POP*POP*POP*POP !!!!!

       *POP*   forever !!!!!  


        Hapy Birthday, POP !!!!!!

         Love you forever !!!!!!

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    2. pain_18_


        YES !!!!!!!  @seresere !!!!!! I first saw U2 on MTv in 1997 and 1998 !!!!!!

    3. Manohlive


      talk about pop music!

    4. seresere


      MTV!! Italian edition of MTV was born with... U2!! :Zoo_Television:
      Watchin' it all the day... MTV generation!! XD

  3.   Help  Me To Not Give Up Drawing........All could end soon ........... Comment on my works here and on Instagram, follow me on Instagram (info here on my page)........The Time IS Up...... Yes, I'm desperate......Mods, you can delete me now.....I stand by my desperation, there is no other way........

    I know you'll judge me but until you  walked in my shoes, you won't  know.....

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    2. seresere


      Don't touch your gallery! ;)

      I'd like to see more...! ^_^

    3. Malahide


      Hi Pain, what are you telling now? Your drawings are too good to stop. It is simply forbidden to quit

    4. Manohlive


      Caravage.  What is up with you?  Take that angst and create or I'll have to swim to Romania to give you a friendly smack.  I'm tired, pain.  Don't make me do it.  😀

  4.   No more drawing for me.....I don't get many views....I know I'm not good.....I don't HAVE TIME....to draw and improve....Drawing takes TIME and Hard_Work and Money for Top Quality Supplies...... I support my art from my other work (something I do because I need to, NOT because I love it).......

    So anyway.......... " Going Away to Dream it all Up Again...Dream Out Loud....."   or something........ If  Possible........

    If Not.... ...Just Bye !

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    2. pain_18_


      You're a great person.... @kastee !!!!!

    3. economicformula


      When I'm feeling ok, I reflect on when I felt like shit and appreciate that I went through it, had a little insight and kept going in one way or another.

      When I'm feeling like shit, I can't imagine that I will feel ok again.

      Then I do. Keep moving, even if that means just wiggling your fingers ! Keep something moving.

      Then, when you are feeling ok again, reflect and appreciate that you went through it, had a little insight and kept going in one way or another.

      "Third verse same as the first "


      I like what you draw. It's cool, fun, usually light and interesting to me.



    4. pain_18_
  5.   Happy Birthday, Frank !!!!  I don't know if you folks know that Bono and the EDGE (on piano) played "TWo Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad" in between shows -with no audience - on the 2015 leg  of the Innocence and Experience tour.....That extremely rare and great performance can't be found on YOUTUBE, so here's another one from 2009....



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    2. pain_18_


      @Manohlive This one right here is from 2009 from a TV SHOW Hosted by Elvis Costello, friend of U2 !

    3. Manohlive


      Was it a show in Europe?  

    4. pain_18_


      No idea, man....Possibly....

  6.  CAN't Vote for the Live Tracks... U2dotcom says I HAVE to Renew and I renewed in November 2018 !!!!


    I cleared cookies, data, history and tried again and still the same problem....says I have to renew....... HELP ME !!!

    What if won't get the 2019 gift because of this ?????

    Here's how it looks when I access the Voting Page (LAST Image) and also the Proof that I Renewed Below (first 2 pics):



    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Removed screenshots with personal information.

    2. pain_18_


      THanks MAN !!!!!

    3. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      please be more careful with what you are posting... there was a lot of personal information on those captures that simply can't be posted online.

  7.  Hello ! And Much Love for Japan from Romania !!!

     ¬ Cristian

    1. seresere


      I agree! Hello from Italy too!! ^_^

  8.  I can't access the Decision News on main page..... !!!!

    NOW it doesn't work on Internet Explorer either......... NOOO !!!!!!!  Tried Chrome...Same "  You Need to Renew" issue....... NOOOOOO !!!!!!!


    Cleared all cookies, signed out, signed back in...tried everything......It slaps me with the RENEW thing and I RENEWED>.... I'm angry.....I'm so sick with this issue !!!!!

    WHAT  does this mean...that I won't get the Downloads either...That I won't get the gift either because some GLITCH !!!!!!!

    1. seresere


      I hope you can solve it!!

    2. pain_18_


       Thank You @seresere!!!!!!

  9.  There will probably be new art sooner rather than later.....Who's Interested ??????


    Yes I NEED attention and feedback...I'm not an inanimate object or a robot !

    Even stones love and have their own language and I don't mean the  Band......

    1. seresere


      Interesting!! ^_^

    2. Malahide


      I am interested!

  10. ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***POP***...BEST U2 album EVER !!!!!!


  11. U2020 ¬!¬




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    2. pain_18_
    3. seresere


      Fingers crossed!! XD

    4. pain_18_


      Yes, PLEASe LEt it BE CDs with hardback book and High Quality Digital Download !!!!!!!

  12. So glad that I'm still here.....

    Shouldn't be here cause I should be dead....I can see the lights in front of me....

    Oh Jesus if you're still my friend.......

  13.  I RENEWED and IT WORKED !!!!

     WOOHOO !!!!!


    THANK YOU...  @mich40  !!!!!

  14. Please give us the LONDON or Glasgow concerts from the SOI tour..... !!!! Would love that...those were the BEST !

     WOOHOO !!!!!



    1. seresere


      And Milan from the e+i Tour! XD :Style: :P

    2. pain_18_


      ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


  15. DOWNLOAD SIX songs from the Songs of Innocence and Experience Tour !!!!


  16. ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!!


    18.11.1991...... The Album that changed my life......The album that started it all......The album which inspires my art and my life........... !!!!!!!





    1. Amraaa


      one of a kind!

    2. Frankaz
    3. pain_18_


      That's right you guys, thank you !!! :)

  17. FOR everyone in here, I'm a DUDE, a MAN, a MALE....Just to clear up any future confusions....It's also in my profile info if you'd like to take a look !!!!!

    Have A GREAT WEEKEND !!!

    More ART coming soon !!!

    No need to be confused @kastee...... @Manohlive  called me a " her" and I felt compelled to clear things up !


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    2. pain_18_


      No problem, @dereski !!!!  Have a great week yourself, :);):o !

    3. Manohlive


      If Manohlive called you a her then he made a mistake.  He knew you were a he but was not aware you are a dude.

    4. pain_18_


      I just wanted to clear up the confusion.....

  18. Happy 14th Birthday to HOW to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb..... 22/11/2004..... Great Album !!!!!

    IIII know it's only ROCKNROLL... but I like it yeayeayeyayayeeeeaayyayayeeeeaaaah !!!!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The HITMAN !


  20. Happy Breathe Day everyone !!!!!!!

    16th of June, nine 0 five, door bell rings
    Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer
    There's a few things I need you to know. Three


  21. Just a little bit longer until my *POP* 2018 Vinyl Arrives......SO EXCITED  !!!

    Should I make a folder for it.... ?

    Would U guys  be excited for it ?



    1. dereski


      Yes and yes to both questions

    2. pain_18_
  22. LISTENING to the NEw U2 SONG I bought on iTunes and I feel Peace and Calm.....thank You U2 for saving me once again !!!!!!


    AHIMSA my fellow Bono..... AHIMSA !!!!!! AHIMSAAA !!!!


    I am getting STREETS VIBES !!!!!!



    AHIMSA !.jpg

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