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  1.   45   436   Breathe is a great song and here's what was running through my mind today:


    "16th of June, Chinese stocks are going up
    And I'm coming down with some new Asian virus

    Ju Ju man, Ju Ju man
    Doc says you're fine, or dying
    Nine 0 nine, St John Divine, on the line, my pulse is fine
    But I'm running down the road like loose electricity
    While the band in my head plays a striptease"

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  2. 22 hours ago, seresere said:

    I am not good with words, English isn't my first language, anyway...
    This is a photo I took with my old camera almost 10 years ago (ouch!) in Zurich, during the second night. A very very rainy night. I was at the barrier, in front row, Adam's side. It was the coolest gig of my life!
    Loving your fashion style,
    Happy Birthday, Lord Clayton! 


      The 360 is my Favourite !!!! Love this Photo, I'm so happy for yout that you attended such a MIracle of a Tour !!!!!!!!

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  3. 4 hours ago, padawanbeck84 said:

    45, 395 - Just some basic shop's own-brand ones that I got from Asda. They're also nice and light-weight. Large, heavy headphones hurt my ears.

      45   396       I wish you a Happy Listening....Relaxing time, an inspirational, creative flow !!!

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  4. 1 hour ago, padawanbeck84 said:

    45, 378 - I like to make mix CDs on my computer for listening to in the car. Although my Dad doesn't always like my taste in music :P

    I'm currently putting a CD together of favourite Nirvana and Foo Fighters songs. Not sure what Dad will make of those - although he *does* like Weird Al Yankovic's Nirvana parody - despite never (as far as I know) having actually heard Teen Spirit itself:lol:

         45   379  That's why I don't listen to my personal music with parents in the car or anywhere, they always have something to complain and I wanna be free !!!!

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