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  1. Yeah but then some people get a better quality than others just because BluRAYS are cheaper in their part of the world......? So not everybody will get the same gift...... It's beginning to sound like when they gave us the Vinyls, which I never played cause I didn't want to pay 300 dollars for a good Pick_Up(turn table).......I Just listened to the downloadable WAVs like any sane and clear-Minded person .... ......... You gotta be sure all fans are enjoying the same advantages otherwise I suggest they charge 60 or 70 bucks for the ones who want to receive BluRay versions of the
  2. Yeah but it's still very expensive.......
  3. No it doesn't...If You Don't have a BluRay Player, the BluRay DISC Will NOT Play on Your Regular DVD Player....And the only dvd player I have is the one attached to my laptop and it does certainly NOT play Blurays..... I've checked with three IT experts !!!! ANd in other countries than US and UK, they are still very expensive !
  4. DID they Play Horses and Acrobat at this Show? I checked the Tours Section here, they did....And Dirty Day !!!! And Stay ! !!! !!! The FLy, Zoo Station..... !!!! I don't want a BLU_Ray since I Don't Have a BluRay Player and I don't want to PAY another 150 dollars to get one...I'd rather We Got a High Quality Downloadable Audio AND Video Version of the Show to go with te DVD -gift, or at least the Downloadable Audio in WAV to Download Before the DVDs get shipped out !
  5.   Listening to to The Joshua Tree right Now...It has this Meaty, Palpable, Organic Sound...It drags the landscape with  you being in it and the life from outside within its sound, inside, it roars and gives it Wild Turns and Speeding Plains..... and spits it back out....It's a Journey for the Sake Of the Journey...You don't know where you're heading...anywhere is fine cause YOU can't understand anything from this life anyway, Might as Well Make Art out of It..... ...It has this Organic Sound, Like it's a Natural Instinctual Part of you and your brain, your thoughts.......... And I think this is actually True for U2's albums from 1984 (Unforgettable Fire) Until *POP.*, included , of course.... !!!! .....

  6.   WHEN In Doubt.....PLAY TWILIGHT,  as in Listen to it and If you can Literally PLay It, even better !!!!!!

  7. U2020 ¬!¬




    1. pain_18_
    2. seresere


      Fingers crossed!! XD

    3. pain_18_


      Yes, PLEASe LEt it BE CDs with hardback book and High Quality Digital Download !!!!!!!

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  8. "Thank You, Rona. Amid rumors of stubborn stains our freshfruit contestants cut the Third of the WorkForce Today, leaving voters and nodoubtists the ExtraMonth and the Tree Gives Your DOG Prolonged Active Life. No other cold-remedy stops PAIN faster in the Remote TownShips with improved corner_instability and the sheer luxury of better prostate health with a delicious LowFat Lasagna ! These are my Sun Shorts: Two Endangered Species keeping Up with the latest Dance trends TasteBuds Tingling with emergency relief efforts in the wake of previously Unseen Footage of ELvis !"

    1. Frankaz


      nearly the 30th anniversary of this too! 1 year to go!

    2. pain_18_


      @Frankaz  It's All About the Drums... Achhththg Babeh...Can't even say the bloody thing...It's RAW, Unfinished, TOUGH, Gritty, Meaty....Just What I wanted from a Record....This is it.....Oh What is it about? More Guitars?  NAW MAN.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRUMS !!!!!!!

  9. If it's a Blu_Ray/Vinyl/ReelTape/Wax Cylinder then it's bad, I don't have a bluray (and the respective devices) device to play it on !!!!! If it doesn't play on my LapTop then it's BAD....That's the only device I have to play anything.....
  10.  >>>> A LATE Merry Christmas, @seresere !!!! BUON NATALE !!!!!

    1. seresere


      Thank you!! Happy Holidays ^_^

  11. WHAT Yellow Banner ? And I hope your gift arrives soon !
  12. 45 291 @kastee returned and snatched the round number !
  13. I still think they should give us a FULL LIVE I+E Concert as the nExt Gift...... WHY Is IT SO HARD ? I vote for Glasgow, November 2015 !!!!!!!
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