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  1.   Happy Birthday, Frank !!!!  I don't know if you folks know that Bono and the EDGE (on piano) played "TWo Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad" in between shows -with no audience - on the 2015 leg  of the Innocence and Experience tour.....That extremely rare and great performance can't be found on YOUTUBE, so here's another one from 2009....



    1. pain_18_


      @Manohlive This one right here is from 2009 from a TV SHOW Hosted by Elvis Costello, friend of U2 !

    2. Manohlive


      Was it a show in Europe?  

    3. pain_18_


      No idea, man....Possibly....

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  2.     Listening to the U2-gift, I hear new Sounds I didn't notice before, again and Again, like everytime I listen to U2 and Above All...THE DRUMMING.....Finally Larry gets the SpotLight I have always desired for !!!!! I Love this Gift !!!!! And the  Booklet too !!!!

    1. seresere


      I will! Thank you!! ^_^

    2. Manohlive


      All three of these came through on my notifications.  Please keep me posted too, seresere.  

    3. seresere


      OK, Thank you!! :)

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  3.   Happy Birthday Jim-Morrison !!!! The Doors for ever, man ! And Happy Birthday to my U2dotcom account right here, I Joined the Paid Subscribers-Section of U2dotcom on the 8th December 2011 back when we were voting for what tracks would make it on the U22 -CDs !!!!!!

  4. Je suis heureux que vous l'ayez reçu !!!!
  5. Soyez patient, il va arriver! - YES, I used Google Translate !!!!
  6. @natural11 YEAS, thank you !
  7. We Would Love to see one attend a Joshua Tree 2019 Live U2 Concert !!!!!
  8. Grazie MIlle, thank You, thank YOu SO MUch !!!! @seresere !!!!!!!!
  9. If it helps anyone from Romania ( @bacadorina ) or Europe, on my package it says GROUP 16 !
  10. That;s bad......We all got confirmation emails that it actually shipped and we had a tracking number that I for one was able to follow right up to my doorstep......Can you send me a PM with your Account Page, how it looks in a print screen , HIDE your personal data, of course.....I'm very curious about this..... In any case you should address the mods or check out the HELP section ? Send me a PM if you have more info/questions anyway ! ¬Cris PS: The tracking number should be a very long one - over 13 numbers (I think?)...it's comprised solely of numbers since the pa
  11. Did you USE the tracking Link from your ACCOUNT INFO section ???? @bacadorina
  12. I just received my U2 Live Songs of Innocence and Experience 2019 GIFT, I'm posting the HOT PHOTOS and I WILL get BACK later with a full review after I listen to it ! Boom_CHAAAAAAH ! LATER EDIT: I'm BACK HOT from the listening...... I'm sweating !!!!!! The Two CDS work Perfectly...... ONE WORD: Larry Just Burries everything beneath the sand while grinning !!!! WOW FINALLY the Powerful Drumming I've been waiting for on a U2 gift CD !!!!!! And my CONS for this are that we don't have " Until the End of the World", "Acrobat", "Dirty Day" and better versions for " Song for S
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