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  1. From the album: U2 Live Songs of INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE 2019 Gift!

    Later-Later Edit.....I changed my mind..... After listening again and checking ATU2's footage on YouToube of the 14th July Boston Performance, I think The Boston Performance of "The Crystall BallRoom" is GREAT...Only CON is that they cut out the "Miss YOU" and actual Live Improvisation-JAM thing they do at the end which really shoots the song into space..........Sad !

    © @U2

  2. pain_18_


    Thank You SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! @seresere !!!!!
  3. THANK YOU ❤️ !!!!ANd ME TOO...Just Bought it and Listening , LIKING !!!!!! 45 234 !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Haven't received mine yet...... It's been dispatched on November the 4th from the USA !
  5.   THANK YOU, Brother !!!!!!!

  6. LISTENING to the NEw U2 SONG I bought on iTunes and I feel Peace and Calm.....thank You U2 for saving me once again !!!!!!


    AHIMSA my fellow Bono..... AHIMSA !!!!!! AHIMSAAA !!!!


    I am getting STREETS VIBES !!!!!!



    AHIMSA !.jpg

  7.   Very deppressed.....Anybody offended can delete me now......

    1. seresere


      Sending to you a message -_^

    2. pain_18_


      I deeply appreciate your support !!!!!

  8. Achtung Baby...Best Album in all the Cosmos !!!!!
  9. 45 230 Back in Action With some drawings.....Im open to your hate !
  10. YEah....the pic of Bono holding Edge in his palm and NO "Until the End of the World" on the Disc......And It was one of my favourite performances ever !!!! Boo ! And PS: I haven't received what I 've been waiting for !!!!!!
  11.   Tomorrow: New U2-Related Drawing !!!!!!! Here and on my Instagram Page !" ! ! Soon my drawing careeer which hasn't even begun might end anyway so...Please Stand By and Stay Tuned !!!!!!!

    1. seresere


      ... don't let the bastards grind you down. ;)

    2. pain_18_


        @seresere  It's not that simple and happy_go_lucky....I dont make money out of it and soon I will have to give up because LIFE !

      People are so eager to support me that they don't even comment on my posts......Not to mention all the people that are against me !!!!

      Anyway, new bOno_drawing coming tomorrow !

  12. I 'm from Europe and I have the same status ! Tho the Email says it has shipped , when I checked the tracing link it read the message you just posted....I'm confused !
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