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  1. I hope it returns to the setlist and stays a constant the rest of the tour.
  2. I've enjoyed reading this thread. Since this is all in our heads... I have two thoughts / assumptions I would love to see. 1. Assume a similar AB tour in a couple years. 2. Play only songs from the 80's for this tour plus perhaps a SOI and / or SOE song or two. 3. Similarly, play only songs from the 90's for the AB tour in a couple years. While I can't see it happening, it's an interesting idea. I'll be thrilled to simply hear Bad, All I Want is You, and 40. This should be fun to pass the time until the iPhone 8, I mean SOE is released later this fall.
  3. I think they needed to fill the calendar as the release of SOE may be contractually tied to the next Apple iPhone release in September. By doing the TJT tour, they also fulfill part of the contractual obligations to Live Nation. Win win all around except for the delay of SOE. ...If this results in a similar Achtung Baby nostalgia tour in a few years before Songs of Ascent, I am all for that too.
  4. From JT - Red Hill Mining Town and One Tree Hill Others - 40, All I Want Is You, Bad, Zooropa, Zoo Station, Ultraviolet, Miss Sarajevo
  5. I don't have any inside info at all, just purely a guess but don't you think it's possible / probable that SOE is tied to the next major Apple iPhone release in Sept, which will be a totally new version, and as such, they are simply touring Joshua Tree to help fulfill obligations to the Live Nation contract? I'm all for the Joshua Tree tour, believe me, but I think the whole nostalgia looking back thing, and the SOE delay are more likely tied to two major contracts and not cause some jackass was elected President.
  6. I've not seen the cost of VIP packages listed anywhere yet for US shows. Can someone please reply with details if the information is public yet? Thanks
  7. Where can I find info on the VIP packages (cost, seat location, and extras like the book last time)? Thank you
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