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  1. At 11:30 the Ticketmaster site worked, and I was able to obtain killer seats. 1.5 hours, but worth the wait.
  2. Update as of 10:58. Ticketmaster told me there are issues throughout California. According to Ticketmaster, online worked briefly for Red Hill members, and then has not. After waiting for 20 minutes, Ticketmaster told me to contact the U2 Fan Club 800 telephone number to request a new password for the Red Hill group (even though it worked for buying tickets to the Rose Bowl. Probably won't be any decent tickets left when the U2 Fan Club answers my call. I am on hold now.
  3. pbs1969. Congratulations! I'm glad you were able to get tickets. I'm still on hold with Ticketmaster.
  4. I called the Ticketmaster 800 number, and received a call back 15 minutes later at 10:40. The representative said they were just informed of the issue where Red Hill Group codes were not working. She took my code and tried it herself and said it wasn't working. I am on hold as she said she is looking into it.
  5. As a Red Hill Group Member logging on at precisely 10:00 a.m. on the date tickets became available there were zero Red Hill Group presale tickets. In fact, Ticektmaster would not even accept my password for the Red Hill Group presale tickets. It did accept my password for VIP tickets that started at $605.00 each, rather than the $35-$290 price for Red Hill Group members. Having recently seen U2 at the Rose Bowl, and having two remaining tickets available to purchase I am extremely disappointed in not having access to the Red Hill Group tickets. Were they all sold before Red Hill members had access? Is it Ticketmaster's problem? Looking online yesterday at ticket brokerage sites, they all were advertising many seats available in the Red Hill Group sections. Has anyone else had this problem?
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