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  1. Hello! Anybody here could tell me what is that particular sound that can be heard from 0:17 to 0:50? Is it a guitar sound (largely modified of course)? A keyboard sound? I've been wondering for so long! Thanks...
  2. I received the email. I'm shocked. I contacted the moderators of this forum, following those guidelines : Anyone who received the "NOT ELIGIBLE" email please send this information via PM to the Moderation team: Name (as registered and it appears in your profile) Display Name (as it appears in your profile) Login Name (as it appears in your profile) Presale Group When did you resubscribe? (Did you resubscribe recently for this presale and did all the verification process? or Did you resubscribe earlier, did all the verification process and got the green VERIFIED box? Date for the end of your subscription cycle Please also send your Order # thanks DO NOT PUBLISH THIS INFORMATION HERE IN THE THREAD - SEND IT VIA PM
  3. Hi! I'm looking for 1, 2 or 3 tickets for the show of the 14th or the 15th! Willing to wait in line with you all day long (if GA tickets)! Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Are your two tickets still available? Thanks!
  5. Hi there! Is your ticket still available? Im willing! Im in line right now!
  6. Well... it's seems I have found what I was looking for!
  7. Looking for 1 or 2 GA tickets (17th june). Willing to wait in line with you by 14h30 pm. Not interested if seller is not attending the show (since his credit card as to be showned).
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