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  1. MERCY: From the Ground Up (Airport version) #U2FTGU @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp

  2. Two weeks ago I bought the UBER DELUXE. I readed in this forum that is too expensive, and yeah it is! Probably many of you are thinking I'm insane, and may be I am. But if you have a passion or a real interest in something, you might know that some people like me will make anything for reach their goals. I'm not gonna discuss about the price, it's very very high. Universal must pay attention to U2 real fans. Is like in the concerts, somebody can pay for the RED ZONE and someone else can pay just for the GENERAL ACCES. When U2 arrived at my country (Mexico), I could only pay for the GENERAL ACCES. But at the end of the year, my economical situation got better. So I decided buy the UBER DELUXE. Maybe it was for my personal pride, but I told me my self... "man... if you couldn't see to U2 as close as you wished, this is an oportunity to redeem yourself" Hope, Universal and the Band themselves, take a glimpse to their fans and reconsider the price. The poorest fans to the richest deserve enjoy the aniversary of the Achtung Baby, one of the best albums ever. Best wishes to everyone. I'm really be happy to be part of this community. It's an honour the be called "U2 FAN" (by the way, sorry for my english, I know is very bad)
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