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  1. I have heard rumour that a second date will be added in San Jose.
  2. I am totally feeling this. Maybe I should take a shower.
  3. Yes I agree, but that is if TM really wanted to end it in the first place. Even they are in the "Resale" business and scalping for TM means greater demand for tickets and more reason to charge more per ticket.
  4. I got two tickets for the San Jose show yesterday with absolutely no problems, and it makes me feel bad for those who did not. I thought renew, link, and accept SMS messages and you were "go to go". Realizing now that it was a lottery system in place makes me feel like I"m in bed with the devil. I sincerely hope as dates and legs get added to this tour that maybe the band can scrap this Verified Fan thing and go back to the previous system, which may not have been perfect, but certainly didn't discriminate among the fans. Scalping will always be a part of ticket buying there is no way it c
  5. Saw U2 at the Oakland Coliseum in November 1987 with the BoDeans and The Pretenders. I remember that this show was after the "graffiti" incident at the Embarcadero fountain where Bono spray painted "Rock N Roll Stops the Traffic" on it. U2 that night had the artist who had created the fountain come on stage with the band and had him graffiti their stage set. I thought that was pretty cool. Still have the Joshua Tree bolo tie that they sold that night. I think I may have to break it out for the Rose Bowl Shows.
  6. Got mine just as U2 ie ended this weekend. Just one question, Can I get the other songs digitally that have not yet been put up on the website?
  7. What's up with all the Haters, "Invisible" is U2 now and I love it.

    1. Anjana


      are there haters?! there are some no-likey-so-muchers;)

    2. pain_18_


      Not likey so much !

  8. Can't wait for "Invisible" to be visible.

    1. pain_18_



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