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    Drums, formula 1, football
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    How to dismantle an atomic bomb
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    In a little while, With or wihout you, Please, Angel of Harlem, One, Pride, Sometimes you can't make it on your own, orignal of rhe species, all the songs
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    360° Paris, July 12th 2009
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    Joshua Tree tour Paris July 25th
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    360° Paris, July 12th 2009
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    Pink Floyd

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  1. Hoping the best for Bono and the band. We love you
  2. We are at the end of February, still nothing. I'm beginning to lose patience...
  3. Us, we are fans of four irish and waiting for a long time the four vinyls, some people who had received them, sold them on EBAY. What a shame !!
  4. I was in Stade de France. It was so great and awesome.Thank you U2 to make live us so much feelings and on madness during a little more than 2 hours. And thanks to the moderators (Mich40, Max and Bigwave).
  5. I received the 5 serigraphs last week and they are great. The paper is top quality. I put one of the five in my living room.
  6. 1- HTDAAB 2 - Achtung Baby 3- Joshua Tree
  7. Gone Bad Acrobat Zoo station Love is blindness Zoo station Ultraviolet Please Last night on Earth Get on your boots Magnificent Pride Discotheque Original of the species Sometime you can't make it on your own
  8. On my account info, I've got a new song "Desire" from 360 tours
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