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  1. How many people actually got Red Zone seats? I see some anecdotal postings but it appears that Red Zone tickets are a super rare exception. Then let's talk about the Presale. Both presale groups supposedly got a presale to get good seats (I'll skip the discussion on the fairness by which those groups were determined). But if you go on ticketmaster you'll see that the best seats in the house are now listed under "Platinum" and Ticketmaster is selling those seats for 2x or 3x face value. Let's repeat that again- these are NOT resale seats these are seats being sold directly by Ticketmaster for several times more than face value. Why even have a presale if the fans can't get the best seats and the best seats are being held back by the ticket company? Given the dearth of actual Red Zone tickets sales I'm betting that you'll soon see Ticketmaster start selling those tickets for a minimum of $1000. This band used to sing about the plight of the poor and the terribleness of underdeveloped countries. Now you equivalent of those nations' GDP to purchase a ticket to their concert. I'm disgusted by the whole thing and while I did get tickets (not great seats but seats nonetheless) I'm considering selling them because of who this whole ticketing thing is turning out.
  2. I tried to get RZ with a Wires presale- there was nothing available. Anyone have any luck?
  3. No RZ for Washington DC. I tried multiple times on chrome, safari and iphone app. Nothing came up. ugh.
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