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  1. Dear Bono or Management of U2! I have a little dreams: into U2. 25.09 I will come with my wife to Your concert in O2 in Berlin. This is our gift to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary. I am a fan of U2 since its inception and conveyed this passion to my wife. Now they both convey our feelings to 2 daughters (ages 7 and 11 years). My request to Bono if he could dedicate a song from the stage: "All I Want Is You" for my wife - Kate? It was her beloved song. Thanks for any reply. I do not know if I'm writing to a good recipient, and whether at all they succeed, but I hope that someone will provide further. It is only a small request but a lot to me. on the words of songs U2 have built a nice relationship and we share their love with the world. Thank You! We will sit at a concert in the 412 row 12, on 7 and 8 best wishes Peter
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