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  1. I'm so excited to see this tour once again! I hope all of you are as well. I'm also hoping the excitement from this tour launches the new album with hints of what we can expect. this was a concert I took my brother to years ago and he intantly became a lifelong fan!
  2. Back after a few years. Was trying to get tix for the rose bowl but no more are available. I think only the packages are being sold now so I'll have to wait to see if others become available on the 17th Current mood
  3. you won't believe it but I have had the Simpsons version of Iron Butterfly stuck in my head all day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PyBWLALFLQ
  4. When My grandfather passed away, I sat in a church pew and realized simply by looking around at all my relatives that he hadn't really gone away, he was in all of us. I saw it in their faces, different features, hair color, nose etc. but also in mannerisms. I remember my Mom telling me how much certain members looked like grandpa but had never really taken time to notice until then. But even more so I began to notice little things people would do would remind me of him. It suddenly seemed so obvious. However when my dad passed I looked hard for those signs and was a bit discouraged because th
  5. my condolences. I know how hard this is. my thoughts are with you.
  6. I love michelle Obama but it looks like she's more excited about her purse than being in Ireland with Bono. that being said I wish I were there.
  7. As an update, I was fortunately on vacation during the other Santa Monica shootings. I went to Vegas to see Pat Benatar and Cheap Trick. However I took the time to do something a bit different. Some of you may think its crazy but for some reason I had to confront the object of terror, the AR-15. so while I was in Vegas I booked an opportunity to learn about this weapon from a shooting range. apparently the parent type of this gun was developed since troops no longer needed to confront the enemy at a distance greater than 200m since other new weapons had been developed for that. so along came t
  8. its the same company we just moved recently.
  9. I choose the lens for what I want to achieve. there is no 1 perfect lens. this is my 100mm macro capturing an orb weaver. I am also using a gold reflector to boost the natural light and add a bit of color this is my 400mm lens. you can see simply by getting close enough with a 400 you can completely blur the background, you can also get great bokeh with it even though it is a f4.5. so you don't necessarily need a 50mm f1.4 to get great bokeh or selective focus. There are actually a few apps that help you calculate depth of focus at differing distances for various lenses. then you sim
  10. So I was at work when we all informed that our building is on lock down and no one could go outside. Apparently we are literally just around the corner from where some wacko went on a shooting spree with an AR-15. much later we were allowed to leave but the Police and media vans and reporters were everywhere. just now watching the news. The house fire and shootings on Yorkeshire are basically next to where I work. The guy was in Black body armor and so far 6 people are dead. here is a link for those that haven't heard about it. http://abcnews.go.com/US/santa-monica-college-shooting-dead-
  11. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-wrapping-new-album-in-new-york-20130603 just saw this. thought I'd pass it along
  12. 3523- prepping chicken to BBQ tonight
  13. Lemon sorry I just love the irony in that
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