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  1. I'm so excited to see this tour once again! I hope all of you are as well. I'm also hoping the excitement from this tour launches the new album with hints of what we can expect. this was a concert I took my brother to years ago and he intantly became a lifelong fan!
  2. Back after a few years. Was trying to get tix for the rose bowl but no more are available. I think only the packages are being sold now so I'll have to wait to see if others become available on the 17th Current mood
  3. you won't believe it but I have had the Simpsons version of Iron Butterfly stuck in my head all day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PyBWLALFLQ
  4. When My grandfather passed away, I sat in a church pew and realized simply by looking around at all my relatives that he hadn't really gone away, he was in all of us. I saw it in their faces, different features, hair color, nose etc. but also in mannerisms. I remember my Mom telling me how much certain members looked like grandpa but had never really taken time to notice until then. But even more so I began to notice little things people would do would remind me of him. It suddenly seemed so obvious. However when my dad passed I looked hard for those signs and was a bit discouraged because they weren't immediately apparent to me. It only contributed to my feeling lost. I think I spent so much of my life trying to be different, trying to be me, that I was blind to how much of me was him. But As I got together at family gatherings, I would immediately get the Grill going. My dad taught me to BBQ when I was old enough to reach the grill and I've been doing it ever since. but then I had overheard others talking about how much I look like my dad especially with my mannerisms at the grill. that was one of the first beams of light that let me have hope again. there are times I really feel down still. I bought a new Camaro last year. It's the first time I've bought a car that I didn't take my dad for a ride in immediately after. Even when I was in high school and I bought a motorcycle my dad would always take it out for a spin. I think that still is the toughest thing for me. Wanting to share something with my dad and not being able to. But I have to remind myself that he is still with me in everything he taught me.
  5. my condolences. I know how hard this is. my thoughts are with you.
  6. I love michelle Obama but it looks like she's more excited about her purse than being in Ireland with Bono. that being said I wish I were there.
  7. As an update, I was fortunately on vacation during the other Santa Monica shootings. I went to Vegas to see Pat Benatar and Cheap Trick. However I took the time to do something a bit different. Some of you may think its crazy but for some reason I had to confront the object of terror, the AR-15. so while I was in Vegas I booked an opportunity to learn about this weapon from a shooting range. apparently the parent type of this gun was developed since troops no longer needed to confront the enemy at a distance greater than 200m since other new weapons had been developed for that. so along came this shorter range weapon for such confrontations that occur at distances shorter than 200m. I explained to them about my experience in Santa Monica and they were very sympathetic and knowledgeable about the weapon used. I did find that it wasn't very easy to hit a target if it was in automatic. the kick nearly knocked me down after 3 rounds. the experience was very surreal, from the weight of this gun to sensation of how powerful it is. I was only shooting at a paper target but it did make me think about what it takes for someone to actually shoot someone. Could I actually shoot someone? I was a bit confused. if I shot someone in self defense could I deal with the consequences of having killed someone. What if I didn't feel anything by killing someone? does that make me sociopathic? Obviously questions most of us don't want to deal with yet we put these guns into the hands of soldiers that are often less than 1/2 my age and force these questions on them even if they are not questions they are ready to deal with. To many of them this represents an opportunity to a better life. a chance for a family, a home and the American Dream. Although Police officers don't typically carry these guns they are also forced to deal with these questions as well. The Famous FDR quote (or spiderman quote) "With Great power comes great responsibility" instantly popped into my mind. On the other side of the experience this was geared up as a tourist attraction. you could purchase packages of gun 'experience' based on the weapon combos found in Various video games. Games I admit I started playing due to the Social Gaming Aspect of XBOX. normally I like adventure games but I started playing COD and other War style games because many of my friends played them and it gave me the opportunity to play online and chat. Up until this experience I had no desire to purchase a gun or shoot one. I still won't purchase one. Gaming never made me want to shoot a gun nor has it ever made feel angry or violent toward anyone. I've always felt those that do are typically withdrawn and antisocial. I could imagine however that people who do not play socially and stay in their rooms rather than having normal healthy interactions with people on a regular basis could be affected by this. The flyers listed it as a great place for kids as well as adults and even made pink weapons and targets for girls. Anyway back to the guns. I shot several types of guns that were included in the package. each one had very special considerations about its operation. several could actually be fired once after the magazine is removed. a feature that the guide pointed out as a safety concern that most gun owners don't take the time to learn about. He let me know this is one of the leading causes of accidental gun death in the states, again suggesting the importance of gun safety and gun responsibility. He kept emphasizing the regular line that criminals will always be able to get weapons. Considering I was hear confronting a fear it seemed an odd talking point to me. I saw that as simply using fear to to drive purchases. It reminded me of a PBS article read about how Criminals get guns. I googled it and can post it hear now. Something to think about at least http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/guns/procon/guns.html according to this only 10-15% of guns obtained by criminals are from theft. which in a very scary sense tells us the importance of criminals buying guns through illegal sales from licensed dealers. Although this gun range was a tourist attraction I did very much get the sense that they are pro gun safety ( i learned a lot about that from them) as well as gun responsibility ( my guide as well as many others there were veterans). with all the effort they made to help demystify and remove the fear of these weapons it came across loud and clear they promoted responsibility and ran their establishment with safety taken into consideration. Protective eyewear, protective earwear, huge double doors to prevent people from leaving with guns etc. Much of this made me think about the NRA and who they really represent. At this point by their legal actions it would seem that they are not concerned about gun enthusiasts or gun safety or even responsibility. I really get the hint that the only thing the NRA is choosing to protect is the profits of gun manufacturers. claiming criminals will always get guns to drive sales while ensuring methods to sell weapons to criminals. that doesn't sound like gun responsibility or gun safety to me. The guys and gals at the Gun range were very serious about guns, proper use and making sure they don't get into the wrong hands. The NRA seems like its only concern is that anyone who wants to buy a gun should be able to. even if they have never had gun training or even know about the gun safety that I just learned by going to a range. It seems to me that if the NRA really supported these people they would support people being required to take gun safety lessons at a local range. I have to do this for boating or driving etc ( i Know boating and driving are privileges and not rights). And I know that in the history of my country there were times when it was legally required for men of a certain age to purchase a gun (sorry gals at that point in time your rights were limited to paying taxes). So then I looked up the text of the 2nd ammendment "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." doesn't 'well regulated' mean making sure people are trained in gun safety and responsibility before putting one in their hands or letting them purchase one? anyway these are my thoughts and experiences after confronting the weapon that recently terrorized the area I work as well as many other areas across the nation recently. again I felt Confronting my fear, taking time to do something outside of my comfort zone and meeting and talking with people I most likely wouldn't meet on a daily basis helped dispel the fears and let me make rational thoughts about the issue. Agree or disagree this was my experience
  8. its the same company we just moved recently.
  9. I choose the lens for what I want to achieve. there is no 1 perfect lens. this is my 100mm macro capturing an orb weaver. I am also using a gold reflector to boost the natural light and add a bit of color this is my 400mm lens. you can see simply by getting close enough with a 400 you can completely blur the background, you can also get great bokeh with it even though it is a f4.5. so you don't necessarily need a 50mm f1.4 to get great bokeh or selective focus. There are actually a few apps that help you calculate depth of focus at differing distances for various lenses. then you simply shoot from the distance that gives you the amount of selective focus your looking for. Standard 50mm lens. candle reflection off glass tabletop
  10. So I was at work when we all informed that our building is on lock down and no one could go outside. Apparently we are literally just around the corner from where some wacko went on a shooting spree with an AR-15. much later we were allowed to leave but the Police and media vans and reporters were everywhere. just now watching the news. The house fire and shootings on Yorkeshire are basically next to where I work. The guy was in Black body armor and so far 6 people are dead. here is a link for those that haven't heard about it. http://abcnews.go.com/US/santa-monica-college-shooting-dead-hospitalized/story?id=19351511#.UbJ5j5WHphA definitely getting tired of all these Shooting sprees. unfortunately this is the 2nd time since I've worked for this company that we've been on lock down because a wacko with a gun it on the loose.
  11. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-wrapping-new-album-in-new-york-20130603 just saw this. thought I'd pass it along
  12. 3523- prepping chicken to BBQ tonight
  13. Lemon sorry I just love the irony in that
  14. Wow it was fun. before the band came on they were playing videos of the 80's. then they played New Years Day and the entire bar sang the whole song. it was really cool!
  15. a local 80's bar near me is having Berlin Featuring Terry Nunn. So I'm headed there in a few. http://www.newwavebar.com will be my first time to go to this place even though its literally 10 minutes from my house. Should be fun though.
  16. lets put things into perspecitve here. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/04/16/is-the-best-evidence-for-austerity-based-on-an-excel-spreadsheet-error/ recently it has been shown that those promoting Austerity as a way to deal with the economic crisis have been basing it on an Excel Spreadsheet error that when corrected for shows the opposite of what it tries to claim http://www.one.org/us/transparency/?gclid=CMCEm_3FsbcCFSJk7AodpkcABw#actions/?source=google1 and of course Bono is lobbying basically against austerity and for more reasoned economic strategies that can actually do good instead of continue to cause harm to world economies as we have seen with austerity. So what happens when people no longer have a leg to stand on because the math behind it has been debunked? people usually try to turn the focus on character attacks. in this case a trash book about Bono. But really what does that do to solve the problem? it only prevents us from discussing the problem and doing something about it. http://www.businessinsider.com/paul-krugman-is-right-2013-4 here's a link to the Business Insider which also discusses the situation with Austerity and how it has lost the argument over how best to deal with the economy.
  17. An interesting side note, Manzarek Helped get the LA punk band X off and running. he had a lot of influence well beyond his days with the doors.
  18. When I visited Ireland I had a GPS that was just like that round about sign. Not all the recent updates were on it so each time there was a round about there were new exits it didn't know about. It often would tell me to turn where there USED to be a road as well etc.
  19. Since there are a few videos posted I thought I would post this here. you'll have to skip the ad but the video that follows is so mesmerizingly bad its guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
  20. I Did recognize Daniel Craig right away. I was so bummed that M left the series. Thanks for thinking of me Big Hugs
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