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    saint louis missouri
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    everything////////PS - this is the zoo member "formerly known as 'LilJBau' " :)
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    Achtung Baby
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    zoo tv , indoor broadcast , nassau colliseum , march 1992
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    july 23, 2011 , rain-soaked minneapolis
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    chicago , july 5, 2011
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    blue october, airborne toxic event, angels and airwaves , beatles, zepp.....list goes on forever
  1. tried to play fallon vid - got message "this video is private "

    1. pain_18_
    2. pain_18_


      You can watch it on YouTube, man !!! It's not private there !!!

  2. not nearly enough edge for me .....to me a producing , engineering mistake - proven true by the fact that in live performances so far they have thrown a lot more edge into it
  3. HELLO FINE PEOPLE!!! for those of you who are familiar with "the Labcoat Project" , the labcoat has made it all the way to AUSTRALIA!!! and , we are looking for a few more Zootopians from that besutiful land to join our adventure what is it? basically, it is a disposable labcoat that says "u2 ZOOTOPIA " on it. A person signs it, takes pic(s) wearing it, post pix and sends to next Zootopian it has been through approx 12 US states, and has just left europe after being there about 2 years join us, wont you?
  4. please , everyone , spread the word about the damn online photo album !!!!! thanks , Zhiv, Euro Bureau Chief ......(is that the title I gave you ?)
  5. DEFINITELY WILL BE BACK IN THE USA !!! when ??? who THE EFF knows !!!! i'm estimating mid 2016....not joking Still has to go to a lot of places before it gets back to the US
  6. this is the coolest ever zootope , the one "formerly known as LilJBau" :)

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    2. Zhivvy


      We knew that anyway :)

    3. eeilis14


      Malahide, I think that would be LilJBaah.

    4. All I Want Is You 2

      All I Want Is You 2

      good to have you back

  7. in case anyone cares, there is a labcoat that has "u2 zootopia" written on it and it has traveled through 12 USA states and many european countries , being signed abd modeled by participants, i think near 50 now, i cant remember off the top of my head right now- some of the countries include (forgive if i forget any): USA, england, scotland, ireland, belgium, spain , italy, the netherlands, switzerland, sweden , russia, finland, denmark, bosnia and herzegovina, germany, austria, romania.....the list grows!!!! NEXT STOP: AUSTRALIA
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