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  1. I did eventually get my order but only after several weeks of emailing and web chat. I was told many times that my t-shirts were in stock and would be shipped “within 3 days”. 🙄 I’ve had a few poor experiences when ordering merch which is the reason I order very little now. Once they even shipped a t-shirt from the US instead of UK. Result was I got hit with import taxes and Royal Mail handling charges. Almost doubled the cost of the shirt 😲
  2. 16 days later and my order still hasn’t been dispatched, despite being told it would eventually be dispatched by the 12th Nov. Has anyone else in the UK had similar issues with this company (BSI Merchandise). Appalling customer service.
  3. I couldn’t fine one either but I still ordered 2 t-shirts based on my regular size. 15 days later they still haven’t been dispatched.
  4. I used their web chat today and was told the delay was due to no stock. However, apparently new stock has now arrived and my order will be dispatched “within 3 days”. We’ll see.
  5. Yes, I've obviously thought of this but my order was placed 5 or 6 days before the current increased restrictions in England (assuming this is where the UK shop operates from) and the website still states orders dispatched within 24hrs. Hopefully I'll receive an update next week and my order will be fulfilled 🤞🏻
  6. Did anyone order any of the ATYCLB merchandise? I ordered 2 t-shirts on 31st Oct and still not dispatched. Any of you guys having a similar issue?
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